24/7 Fat Loss & Yours Truly as An Underwear Model

Have you seen this picture yet?…

That's a picture of my buddy Craig Ballantyne (of Men's Health fame), doing his version of the safety dance after going through a ridiculously effective Metabolic Fat Loss Finisher from the 24/7 Fat Loss Program.


In the background, you'll see a very good-looking, shaved head individual laughing his butt off at Craig.

That'd be me, folks.

What you don't know is that prior to that workout, Craig took me through a gruesome EM-ARR-TEE workout from the program that had my t-shirt literally drenched so much so that it almost disintegrated from all the salt from my sweat.  I threw that t-shirt in the garbage because it became useless – so CB, if you're reading this, you owe me a grey t-shirt.

"The Talent"

The workout was tough, and after the workout, I devoured a steak sandwich, a bean salad, 2 apples and a bag of almonds.  AND I WAS STILL HUNGRY AFTERWARDS.

Throughout the months of September and early-October I would meet up with Craig and, along with our right-hand video man Dan, we would film the 24/7 Fat Loss workouts.

The very same workouts that you are seeing being promoted over the interwebz as I'm writing this.

Craig, fondly calls me “the talent” as he puts me through the workouts that he's created in his lab.

(I haven't been called “the talent” since my underwear modelling days).

WHAT? You were expecting a money shot on a Times Square Billboard?

I have kids, you know.

Anyway, I'm Embarrassed To Admit This…

I like to consider myself to be in pretty good shape.  I'm not King Leonidas (from the movie 300), but I'm not Homer Simpson either.

I have been put through almost EVERY workout in the 24/7 Fat Loss program and they are tough.

In fact, the bodyweight-only program is so tough that I literally FAILED at doing one of the advanced workouts.

The workout had me doing 1 and 1 half reps of Bulgarian Split squats and I couldn't get through the first round.

It was embarrassing.

Thanks to the miracle of video editing, you'll never get to see the epic failure, but if you watch closely enough, you'll see yours truly struggling through the first set – and the rest of the workout for that matter – as I try to play tough, macho guy and muscle through it.

So if someone like me – who's lean, “in-shape” and tough as nails (note the sarcasm) is having trouble with some of these workouts, what do you think these workouts can do for you?

To be honest and fair, you would NEVER start with the Advanced Workouts like I did.  And the initial stages of the program do a great job of progressing you towards that Advanced Level, so don't be too intimidated.

But, if you like a challenge, and you like the idea that you only have to workout 3 days per week because you'll be burning fat 24 hours per day, then these workouts are something that you should strongly consider.

Now, I'm not going to lie: I get a cut if you buy the program by clicking on this link – http://kettlebellworkouts.com/247fatloss – but those of you that read this blog know that I don't just promote ANY program that comes along.

In fact, I get asked to promote stuff on a weekly basis.  A lot of the stuff is just pure crap. The stuff that I do like – the stuff I that I firmly believe in – you will see on this blog.

24/7 Fat Loss is one of those products.

It flat out works.

And it's something that I STRONGLY believe in.

In fact anything that Craig writes is legit.  It's not some “salesy-gimicky” crap that you'll find on an infomercial at 3am.

So if you're interested in challenging yourself and doing something different that actually works, get yourself a copy of 24/7 Fat Loss.

But if you're going to get it, get it now because they've got a $30 discount AND a 4-Day Diet Bonus that is going away TONIGHT.

Get it HERE => http://kettlebellworkouts.com/247fatloss

-Chris Lopez, Underwear Model (I bet you thought I was kidding about that)




  • Reply November 11, 2011


    Question about the 24/7 workout. How many days of exercise are?

  • Reply November 13, 2011

    Tim Mullinax

    Love what I’ve seen so far about KB workouts! I am51 years old, in good health, but want to have the body I should have started on 30 years ago. While I know this may be impossible, I know I can improve! Logistically I can’t do the gym thing. Where do I start with KBs?
    Ready to improve,

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