3 Tips To Increase Your Deadlift

A freakish thing happened to me the other day…

For “fun” I decided – instead of doing my regular grinding day of Presses & Chin-Ups – to load up a bar and deadlift.

I LOVE deadlifting…but I haven't done so in about 3 months.

So after a good 10 minutes of doing some OS Resets, I gradually loaded up the bar and started to pull just to see what would happen.

Well, after about 25 minutes of working my way up to heavy triples where 350lbs started to feel easy, I decided that I felt so great that a PR was looming in the distance.

So I loaded the bar up to 375 and went to town.

And it went up…easily.  And I probably could have done 2 more – 15 years ago I probably would have and would've regretted it – but I stopped.

Because it was enough and I was happy.  Ecstatic, actually.

I've pulled 375 before…on a trap bar.  But never conventionally on a straight bar with a regular (not mixed) grip.

So what the hell happened?

I attribute it to 2 things…

1. Heavy swings.  A swing – because of the hinge pattern – is just a high speed deadlift.  Remember that we PRACTICE, we don't “workout”.  Well doing repetitive hinges with a heavy weight means that I'm practicing that hinge movement consistently and my body is getting itself accustomed to the movement pattern.  So when it came time to deadlift – because of all the “practice” that I've been getting – my body knew exactly what to do.

os2. Original Strength.  I've heard testimonials from other OS Alum about incredible feats of strength without ever practicing the movement…

Geoff did his first muscle-up at age 40 when never having practiced the movement before.

Tim – at a 170lb bodyweight – did a 135lb barbell get up like it was a 24kg kettlebell.

My daughter AJ added 2.5 inches to vertical leap by adding OS Resets into her daily routine.

…There's something to this Original Strength Stuff and it's difficult to explain other than to say that WE WERE MEANT TO MOVE.

Our body doesn't like the sedentary state.  We're supposed to be resilient, athletic and active.  Not sedentary, injured and immobile.  OS helps us regain all of the good qualities that we were born with when we were kids.

Have an awesome day,


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