3 MORE Ways To AMPLIFY Your Fat Loss Results Using the TT KB Revolution

amsterdam-girl-bike-commuterAs the weather here in Toronto starts to slowly becomes spring-like, more and more people seem to be coming out of hibernation and getting outside.

I haven't been doing any Kettlebell Training outdoors in my backyard yet, but as soon as things start to dry up, I'll be out there swinging and snatching. It will be good to get out of the gym and back into the sun and nice weather for some outdoor workouts.

In addition to my Kettlebell Workouts, there are a couple of other things that I like to do to AMPLIFY fat loss for the summer.

Believe me, if you do your TT Kettlebell Revolution Workouts properly, you'll lose fat, but for those like me who just love to be outside and be active, then here are 3 more ways to amplify your fat loss results while you're on your TT KB Revolution Workouts

1. Run Hills (or do some type of interval training) – The TT KB Revolution Workouts is the ultimate in home-based fat loss programming. But if you're looking to take fat loss to the next level or if you're looking for a change or if you've hit a rut, then add some interval training into your life!  

Nothing is better than running hills!  

I recommend running hills on your off-days once or twice per week.  Get a good warm-up in and then start with 8 sprints. Add an additional sprint every 2 workouts until you're able to do 20. Once you hit the 20 mark, go back to 8 sprints per workout and my Sprint/Swing Session a try…

Start with a good dynamic warm-up. 

Sprint up the hill.

Then do 25 KB Swings.

Walk down the hill and repeat adding an additional sprint/swing combo every 2 workouts.

2. Commute to Work Using a Bicycle or by Walking – So most of you know that I'm not a big fan of cardio workouts, but I do condone the use of cardio when there is a purpose (like going from Point A to Point B).  If you live in an urban area or if you live less than 20km away from where you work, then why not consider riding your bike to work?

In the spring, summer and fall, my wife and I have an agreement that she take the kids to school so that I can get on my bike and ride to work.

This has been a great way for me to get additional activity into my day, has allowed me to save a ton of money on gas & parking and allows me to get outside and enjoy the good weather (although I still do ride if it's raining or on the odd occasion in the early-spring, snowing).

rhodesian-ridgeback-puppy-00013. Get a dog – This is just a general observation but, people who own dogs look healthier, leaner and more fit than those who don't.  

Could it be because of the extra time they spend walking their dogs?

Or could it be the stress relieving companionship that dog owners share with their pets?

Who knows?  It's just something I've noticed over the past few years trying to be observant.

But if getting a dog will force you to get outside and enjoy some sunlight, fresh air and the benefits of vitamin D then why not?

I don't consider myself a dog person, but my kids have been bugging me to get one.  So I've done my research, and I've come to the conclusion that when my son is a little older (3 or 4 maybe), and when we get a bit more room (like a bigger yard), we're going to get a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy.

So what other ways do you increase your activity level when the weather is good?  How do you amp up your fat loss?

Leave a comment and let me know and I'll be sure to include them on another list!

-Chris Lopez


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