A Totally NON-Kettlebell Related Post

I'm not sure if you have ever seen this video…

Yes, that was me dancing and celebrating (like the jack-a$$ that I am) to music by the late Michael Jackson because my wife and I had just found out that our 5th child was going to be a BOY.

If you're not yet aware, I have 5 beautiful children (all with the same beautiful woman – because in this day in age, you have to make that clarification).

My oldest daughter is 13 years old now, so for the past 11 years, I was “That Guy”.

“That Guy” meaning the poor schmuck with the 4 daughters.

Now don't get me wrong, I know that I'm blessed.

But when you walk around telling people that you've got 4 daughters, automatic facial expressions of “poor you, sir” automatically surface.

And I treat them all like princesses and I know that they'll take care of me when I'm old and gray – because they are ALL, my little girls.

But at some point in the next few years I will have daughters the ages of 12, 14, 16 & 21 ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Please have mercy on me.

So when I found out my son was on the way, an overwhelming sense of pride – and relief – came over me.  Because finally, I wasn't alone.

There was finally someone else there who could understand why it was great to stand up to go to the bathroom.

Or someone to understand why we need to stay away from mom this week, but make sure that we put the toilet seat down.

Someone with whom I can give a mohawk and not be called a neglectful or unfit father.

Someone else who will chuckle with me when the coach yells, “BALLS IN!!”.

And so, because my son is turning 2 tomorrow, I've decided to do something that I've never done before…celebrate.

Click HERE to see what I mean…

=>Celebrate my son Q's 2nd birthday with me.

Have a great weekend!

Chris Lopez


  • Reply October 24, 2011


    Happy birthday to Q!!!
    Mohawks are cool on anyone 😉

  • Reply December 31, 2011

    texas girl

    That’s so awesome! I have 4 little sisters 🙂 and 1 older brother! When he was 17 (i was 15) my Mom finally got pregnant with my only little brother!! Need I tell you how my older brother and Dad felt 😉 (all 7 of us have the same Mom and Dad 🙂 – my baby brother is almost 5 now… they grow up so fast!! Ahh so many girls… It does get crazy as they get older (lol it will be hell sometimes 😉 but you will survive! I’m sure they all love their Daddy and will always come back to being ‘your little girls’ 🙂 I’ll pray for you and your beautiful wife 😉

    ps. I have been training with Kettle Bells since i was 14 when no one even knew what they were!
    I recently found your site, your advice is sound and I love what you’re doing 🙂
    Good luck and keep on keeping on 🙂

    • Reply January 5, 2012

      Chris Lopez, RKC

      Thanks for the comment! My oldest daughter (13yrs) has started training with kettlebells, so I only hope that she develops the same love for them that you have. Thanks so much for reaching out and for the prayers.

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