A Typical Kettlebell Training Fat Loss Day

I'm always interested in how like-minded fitness folk spend their day.  After all, if you're looking to be successful, then you try to learn and emulate someone who is where you want to be in life and replicate what they do.

So when John Romaniello posted his perfect fat loss day on the TTFatLoss blog, it gave me a great idea to do the same!

Unlike John Romaniello, I am not single and I have a very busy and active family life.  Nonetheless, many of his fat loss strategies are things that I have implemented into my life simply because they work!

If you're interested in learning more about "Roman" and how he stays ridiculously lean all year round, I strongly suggest you read the report that he wrote on his"5 Tricks To FIX Slow Fat Loss".

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OK, so onto my typical day and how I spend it to make sure that I'm burning fat and that I'm super-productive all day long.

One thing you’ll notice about my day is that it’s centred around the 3 things that I’m passionate about…

1. My Famiily – my wife and 5 kids

2. Fitness – which is writing for this site, training clients and training myself

3. Coaching – which I get more out of than I ever did playing any sport

I consider myself lucky to be able to centre my life around these 3 things.  I know so many people that hate their jobs that I feel sorry for them.

My life is great right now and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

5am – Wake-up.  At this insane hour, I get my groggy butt out of bed, throw on my favourite hoodie, my favourite sweat pants and a pair of warm socks and head downstairs to brew some of my favourite Green Tea.  

Right now I’m using an organic Jasmin green tea from Japan called “The Green Dragon”.  Really great stuff. (***Quick unknown fact*** Did you know that you should never brew green tea with water straight out of the kettle.  You should allow several minutes for the water to cool so that the tea leaves don’t burn.  The ideal temperature to brew green tea is around 90-degrees Fahrenheit)

While the water is brewing, I’ll grab a jump-stretch band and do the following “wake-up” circuit 2 times…

Band Pulls (across chest) x 25

Push-Ups x 25

Band Pulls (behind neck) x 25

Hindu Squats x 25

I’ve been doing this circuit for a couple of months now and have found that since doing the Band Pulls I have a lot less shoulder pain.


5:30 – Spark up the laptop on the dining room table and as it’s warming up I’ll review 3 things…

1) My 3 Long Term Goals that I want to achieve in 2011 which are…

i) To get out of debt (which includes paying off our mini-van),

ii) To completely eliminate ABC which stands for “Attendance Based Compensation” – I still train a few clients, but I’d like to keep that at a minimum and focus on my web businesses and

iii) To weight 180lbs and maintain a 31” waistline – currently I’m up to 166 with a 31” waistline.

2) A document of Daily Affirmations which is a compilation of quotes and sayings that I’ve accumulated over the years.  I’ll usually pick one or 2 and focus my day around the lessons learned in that quote.  For example, the quote I read today was….

"The vision of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion when no one else is watching." 

-Anson Dorrance

3) My 3 MITs – Most Important Tasks – Each day I’ll have 3 things that I have to accomplish before I shut down for the day.

5:45 – Focused writing for an hour and a half.  

This is my “Golden Time” for the day.  My kids don’t usually get up until around 7:30, so this is the quiet time that I cherish to really focus on writing.  This will be something for this site or for FitAndBusyDad.com or if I have guest post to write for another blog.  I try to get 750-1000 words every morning.  Usually I’ll get 1 or 2 MITs done in this time as well.

7:15 – The laptop closes and I’m now in “Daddy” mode.  

I head upstairs, shower, get dressed for work and  then make my way downstairs to get breakfast ready and to make lunches.

Often at this time I’ll wake my wife up as well and she’ll get a workout in.  Right now she’s using the Women’s Program from my TT Kettlebell Revolution.

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7:45 – The kids are downstairs by now and the household is in full swing.  

I’m serving breakfast and eating breakfast at the same time.  We try our best to have breakfast and dinner together.  I’ll usually have 3 eggs scrambled with chives, a side of greens (I’m down with arugula right now) and maybe a slice of spelt toast or something fresh baked by my wife – she made banana bread this morning with pureed cauliflower in it – and an apple.

8:45 – Everyone’s out the door.  

We sold our 2nd car earlier this year so I have been riding my bike everyday for the past 2 months.  My wife has taken on the drop-off responsibilities since she uses the mini-van, so she’ll take the little ones to school.  

***We just pulled our oldest out of school and are now homeschooling/unschooling her.  Long story short, she’s a straight “A” student that’s just lost the passion and love for learning. We want her to be self-directed and not be told what to learn so that she feels passionate about something again instead of just being motivated by a letter grade that really doesn’t mean anything.***

9:30 – Train Clients.  

I used to book early-AM clients, but found that the early AM was when I was most creative, so I referred those clients to some colleagues and now only train people between the hours of 9:30 and 1pm.

1pm – Eat an apple, have an espresso and then either workout or do 1.5 hours of focused work.  

Depends on the day.  Right now I only train twice per week on the weekdays (my 3rd workout day is on Sunday) so I’ve been able to focus a lot on getting projects done.

Today is a workout day, so I’m doing this workout…

1a) 1-Arm KB Row

1b) Weighted Parallel Bar Dips

2) Rack Pulls

3a) Towel Curls w/a 32kg KB

3b) Ab Wheel Roll outs

On a non-Training Day, I’ll take no more than 20 minutes to catch up on the blogs that I follow and post to Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook.  Then I’ll take the rest of the time to focus on finishing some work.  I use an application on my computer called “Freedom” that disconnects me from the temptation of surfing the web by shutting down my network connectivity.  I’ll set that timer for an hour, put my head down and go to work.


2:30 – Answer emails.  

Everything from personal emails to my reader emails from either site.  And tackle on any MITs that I haven’t been able to get to.

3pm – Summarize the day and plan for the next day by writing my 3 MITs.

315 – Ride home before the kids get home and then meditate for 30 minutes.  Luckily I’m never too far away from home at this time, so I can usually get home in 15-20 minutes on my bike.


4:15 – Shut down my computer and put my phone away.  

The kids are home now and this is the only time during the day that I get to spend with them, so I digitally disconnect from this time until they go to sleep and usually not until the following day.

I’ll also make a shake.  Here’s my favourite recipe right now…

1/2 can coconut milk

1 cup almond or rice milk

1 handful frozen spinach

1 banana

1 cup frozen berries

1 tbsp cocoa nibs

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tsp maca powder

2 scoops Sun Warrior Protein


5:30 – Make dinner.  

Usually some type of meat or fish with some veggies and a starch for the kids like rice or pasta.  Tonight we’re having broiled salmon, steamed peas with butter and brown rice.

6pm – Sit down and have dinner.  

I’m not that hungry at this time because I just had a shake, so I’ll take this time to sit down with the family, talk to my kids about their day and feed my 15-month-old son while my wife eats in piece.  She stays home, so I can’t even imagine how important those few minutes are to her to be able to eat without having to deal with little ones hanging off her.

I also wait to eat because there is ALWAYS someone who doesn’t finish their food, so I’ll just slop it on my plate.  I hate seeing good healthy food go to waste.

7pm – This depends on the day.  

On Monday nights my wife and I play in a “competitive volleyball beer league” that some good friends signed us up for.  They call it a “beer league” because afterwards everyone’s supposed to go out to the bar after their game.  Needless to say, we DO NOT do that.  If the game is early enough, we bring the kids along to cheer us on.  We play on the same team as our friends and another one of our good friends (who won an Olympic Bronze Medal in beach volleyball in the ’96 Games) plays with us as well.  It’s good fun.

On Tuesdays & Thursdays, AJ (my oldest and I) have volleyball practice.  I coach her travel team which consists of thirteen 12 year old girls.  They are like me 2nd family.

Wednesdays and Fridays are our favourite nights because NOTHING is going on and we get to spend time as a family.  They are also usually “bath” nights which are my responsibility.

8:30pm – Kids are off to bed.  

Everyone except the little one and sometimes #4 who has taken a long nap in the afternoon.  The thing that surprises me is that even my oldest wants to get to bed at this time.  I’d think that now that she’s homeschooled she’d want to stay up late, but she values her sleep and is averaging anywhere from 10-12 hours per night.  Good kid.

9pm – Unwind.  

Sometimes we watch TV, most times we don’t.  We usually spend the next hour and a half decompressing, catching up and having some type of meaningful conversation.  9pm is a good time for me because I thoroughly enjoy talking to my wife.

10/10:30pm – Pre-bed routine.  

I’ll take a shot of Sun Warrior Ormus Greens and then down 3 fish oil caps with a tablespoon of Benefiber in water.  Then it’s Lights out.  Day is done and time to shut’er down.

That’s pretty much what my typical day looks like.

The weekends are a little more chaotic.  We usually have 1 or 2 volleyball tournaments per month on Saturdays and lots of extended family stuff like visiting my parents or my in-laws who live in the ‘burbs north of the city.

On the Saturdays that we don’t have a tournament, I usually don’t set my alarm clock and the kids wake us up by hopping into bed with us in the morning.  Everyone.  All 5 of them.  That’s, by far, my favourite time of the week.

Sundays are much the same, except I’ll get up at 5 or 6am and write and then plan my week and then go workout.  I do that all before the kids get up.  Then I shut down and it’s family time.

That's pretty much my life in a nutshell.

Nothing too exciting.  I don't go out for beers with the guys or spend my money or time doing things that aren't important to me, my family or my goals.


  • Reply March 4, 2011

    John Shea


    Very interesting information here! Family first…what a concept, eh? Huge props to you for this. What dieting/nutritional recommendations do you have for someone who works the nightshift? I am an RN and find myself confused at times because I work a combination of 8 and 12 hour shifts. Thanks!


  • Reply March 4, 2011


    I haven’t done the math, but this seems like really few calories if you’re skipping dinner with the kids!

    Are you still doing intermittent fasting? Do you have days where you eat more than this?


  • Reply March 4, 2011


    Thanks for sharing. It’s really admirable to see how you prioritize things in your life.

    Live simple, family first, stay out of debt, be healthy.

    I hope to get there one day.


  • Reply March 5, 2011

    Chris Lopez, RKC

    @Britt – No, I don’t skip dinner with the kids, I just wait until everyone is finished so that I can chow down and finish anyone’s leftovers. Sorry I wasn’t more clear. I don’t really count calories. I just make sure that everything I’m eating is good quality.

    Yes, I still do intermittent fasting once per week for the hormonal benefits when I’m trying to gain weight and twice per week when I’m in serious fat loss mode.

    For the most part right now I’m eating whatever I want and staying around 10% bodyfat – visible abs but not insanely ripped.

  • Reply March 5, 2011

    Chris Lopez, RKC

    @John – I have a cousin who’s an RN and he asked me the same thing the other day.

    My advice would be to just stay prepared by packing good quality REAL food for when you know you’ll be working those gruesome hours. It’d probably be best to make sure that you prepare or have something wholesome in the fridge for when you get home after one of those long shifts.

    That’d be the most important thing because having something ready would really allow you to resist the temptation of ordering a pizza!

  • Reply March 5, 2011


    Chris, thanks for sharing this information with us. I applaud you for deciding to homeschool your daughter and focus on excelling in what she loves.

    Anyway, I have to ask: what do the behind-neck band pulls do? I’ve been doing 50 chest band pulls and 20 shoulder dislocates as part of my warm-up.

    • Reply March 6, 2011

      Chris Lopez, RKC

      @Clement – thanks for the positive comment on homeschooling.

      I use behind the neck band pulls because it promotes shoulder depression. I sit at the computer a lot and have a tendency to shrug my shoulders when I’m stressed so this helps with training them to stay down and back.

  • Reply March 11, 2011


    I just found this site from kettlebell research on YouTube. In the past 3 months I’ve bought 3 – 45, 35, and 88lbs – thanks to Tim Ferriss.

    More important than your abs is your sagacious decision to educate your daughter *outside the system* – as I have with mine.

    The news today is filled with incessant whiny complaints about how the schools fail the worst kids.

    But guess what – they also fail the good students, miserably!

    Good luck to you. Any questions/doubts, shoot me an email.


  • Reply May 4, 2011


    I just wanted to comment and say that it’s wonderful to see that you’re homeschooling!

    I’m a proud homeschooled kid — my parents started back when homeschooling was still a fringe thing that alienated one from their family members, though in the past five to ten years it has become much more acceptable.

    I do recommend staying away from the unschooling philosophy of “if she wants to, she’ll learn” though… if my parents had done this, I probably never would have learned algebra, French, or English, for instance! The basic subjects should be taught by all means… with accommodations, if necessary, but still taught. 🙂 Extracurrics are where homeschooling truly shines.

    Despite those dire warnings, my brother ended up being a very young lawyer (he can barely drink in the USA but is being called to the bar soon), and I turned out just fine too as a freelance business owner. I’m sure your daughter will excel, too.

    Keep it up… she’ll thank you later. *fist bump*

    (Which reminds me, I need to swallow my pride and apologize for a lot of tantrums of the “why can’t I go to public school?!” variety. She’ll appreciate it later, even if she doesn’t tell you. 😉 )

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