And the Winners Are…


Amazing, everyone!

We had over 180 comments on the blog and a lot of inspirational messages.

Unfortunately, I can only give away 3 programs.

Without further delay, our winners are…

Seth, a 33-year-old firefighter and father of 2 who works 2 other jobs just to make ends meet.  Seth has been struggling with weight loss for years now and is frustrated that he can't find a program that can work for him, around his busy work schedule and family life.  Seth is one of those individuals who never knows if or when his kids will see him again due the nature of his work.  Seth you're an inspiration to your community and it's my pleasure to award you with a copy of the TT Kettlebell Revolution.

Lynn, a 42-year who spends her days caring for wounded American military members and their families seeing the struggles and triumphs they go through each and every day.  Lynn is 150lbs overweight and often feels it's hypocritical for her to teach others about lifestyle choices and strategies for getting into a state of optimum health. In Lynn's words, “I want to be an example for my patients and my coworkers and to be able to workout at home will remove any excuses.”

and, finally…

Andy, a 47-year old single father and primary caregiver of 2 who recently lost his job of 20 years and is slowly trying to rebuild his career by starting his own business. Andy's desire to work hard and get his life back together after a recent divorce is inspirational.

Thanks to everyone who entered. We really appreciate YOU and your feedback…it has given us so many ideas for future articles and videos for the blog.

And the TT Kettlebell Revolution Fat Loss System will be available in a HALF-PRICE sale starting on Tuesday, September 8th @ 12noon EST!

Thanks again for sharing your stories in the blog contest,

Chris Lopez, CTT
Creator, The TT Kettlebell Revolution Fat Loss System


  • Reply September 4, 2009


    Wow Chris, I can’t believe you chose me for a free package. I was so looking forward to it coming out next week. I am so thankful and really excited to change my body and my life! Thank you so much. I vow that I will give it everything I’ve got and keep you informed about my progress. Time to go and take “before” measurements (and maybe even photos)!!!! Thank you again.

  • Reply September 4, 2009


    Hey Chris, Really interested in TT Kettlebell Revolution Fat Loss System…Who is not interested in Fat Loss…I am a personal trainer and Group fitness instructor, Nutrition Coach and am very interested in the
    KBell System for my clients… There is alot of info on the net and ebooks…waiting for the 1/2 price sale..

  • Reply September 10, 2009


    Chris I picked up the product the other day and have a couple queries about it. The info at kettlebellworkouts dot com email addy didn’t work. Do you have a contact email address for product customers ? If so can you email it to me. Thanks.

  • Reply September 11, 2009



    I won! Fantastic, my kids can hardly believe it! (and neither can I).
    Do you have a contact e-mail to discuss further?

    many thanks



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