BIG StrongFirst Announcement

With April just around the corner, I'm going to start doing a bit more travelling.

One of the trips that I'm excited about is assisting at the Boston StrongFirst Level 1 Certification.

In Boston, I'll get to work with Pavel & Geoff Neupert again – the guys who certified me at RKC2 – in addition to some awesome team leaders and assistants that I'm excited to meet.

It seems as though StrongFirst is really trying to “up” their presence in the fitness community with the education opportunities that they have available now.

In addition to SFG Kettlebell, they've got a Barbell Certification and a Bodyweight Certification – for which the men's strength test is a 1-arm, 1-leg push-up.

I'm excited to announce, that I've been asked to assist at another StrongFirst Certification, this time in my hometown of Toronto.

StrongFirst Level 1 Kettlebell will be at my friend Geoff's place – Bang Fitness – and in the video below, Geoff and his buddy Brian spend a couple of hours with me training to prepare for the Toronto Cert…


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    I’ve been using your program a while and love it. I’d be really interested in the SFG level 1 class in Boston but I don’t see it listed on the Strongfirst website. Can you post more info?



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