The Perfect Complement to Kettlebell Training

I was doing some push-ups yesterday and I got bored. That doesn't happen often, because I try to keep things as interesting as possible.  The push-up, as basic as it is, has many variations…. Spiderman Push-Ups -off-set push ups -spiderman push-ups -typewriter push-ups -handstand push-up -dive-bombers -hindu push-ups -1-arm push-ups etc, etc, etc But yesterday, I got bored. I love mixing bodyweight training with kettlebell training, because one is the perfect compliment to the other.  Both involve primal movements that result in bang-for-your-buck exercises to help you lose fat, pack on muscle and get you six-pack-abs. You'll see in your Kettlebell Revolution Workouts, that there are various bodyweight exercises throughout the program. But lately, I've decided to use bodyweight training as my primary source of exercise and just mix in some KB snatches and 2-arm swings.  I've been doing this for about 4 weeks trying and experimenting with new movements and exercises. Yesterday though, I hit the wall. There are only so many push-ups, prisoner squats and chin-ups that one can do.  But I was seeing so much success with this type of training, that I didn't want to stop. So I emailed my buddy, Adam Steer, The Bodyweight Coach, and asked his expertise on what to do.  And he sent me to a video of something that he called "Flow".  It's like a mix of bodyweight exercises done in a logical and rythmical FLOW – going from a pistol to a push-up to a side plank to a dive-bomber, etc…it was nuts!  (In a good way). Just check out this video of how he demos an advanced ab exercise called the Leg Swoop…

The biggest question that I get about bodyweight training is always, "Can it get me a ripped physique like weight training or kettlebell training can?" bodyweight_trainingTo find the answer, all you really need to do is check out the physiques of Olympic Gymnasts.  All they do is bodyweight training!  From swinging on rings to doing dips on the parallel bars to doing "leg swoops" (like what Adam shows above) on a pommel horse. Bodyweight training is the real deal. So, if you want to go "Beyond Push-Ups", then I suggest you head over to and check out Adam's new eBook, The Bodyweight Blue Print For Fat Loss. He's got a crazy 50% Off Launch Promotion where you'll not only get the eBook, but boat load of instructional videos, nutrition audio interviews and other special bonuses. =>Check out the Bodyweight Blue Print HERE The Bodyweight Blue Print for Fat Loss promo only runs until tomorrow (Friday, October 2nd at MIDNIGHT Eastern Time) Make sure to grab your copy today to get the perfect compliment to your Kettlebell Revolution Workouts! =>Check out the Bodyweight Blue Print HERE Chris Lopez Author, TT Kettlebell Revolution


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    Chris, just a quick FYI that the word you want is complement, not compliment.

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    Spiderman push-ups? Give me a break! But I tried it and what a surprise. It is really very unique, and a bit of a challenge for me. I admit that I was hesitant when I first saw your kettlebell workouts, but I see that you really know your stuff. Keep up the great work Chris.

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