How To Bulletproof Your Back With Kettlebells

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Here's a bit of an alarming video that I stumbled across from NBC News…

Narcotics, injections and surgery?

I'm not sure about you, but that doesn't sound appealing to me.

I'm not discounting the Western Medical community, but I do think that in order to avoid back pain, the best thing to do is to take matters into our own hands and focus on prevention – core strength, learning how to brace and staying mobile in our hips.

The truth is that if you're swinging your kettlebells THE WAY I TEACH YOU TO, you probably don't have back pain.

The hardstyle swing is a proven method to bulletproof your back.

And if you have back pain BECAUSE of swinging your kettlebells, then you're probably doing it wrong and you need to go back to your Hardstyle Essentials Videos and study them – Hike, Hinge, Root, Float!

A few points on the swing if you really want to avoid back pain…

  1. Make sure that your eyes are focused on the horizon throughout the set.  Where your eyes go, your head goes.  Where your head goes, so does the rest of your body.  This will help prevent any forward flexion in your lumbar spine and help keep the natural curves in your back like.
  2. Squeeze your glutes and your quads at the top of the swing – on the root.  While I was in Michigan this past weekend, I was teaching some of my fellow TT Trainers how to properly swing a kettlebell and the #1 thing I found they were having trouble with was finding that rooted position.  More often than not they wouldn't let their glutes come all the way through and they would finish with a “duck back” – a position where they were sticking their butts out on the finish.  Bad move as this over stretches the hip flexors and can lead to a very painful pull.
  3. Brace your abs.  Your abs should be braced all the time.  Not just on the root (or the finish) of the KB Swing.  That's true core work and as good as Pilates, Yoga and Dance are as activities, I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with the MD from the video and say that your best bet for prevention is to practice bracing while you're resistance training.  NOT avoid it like she suggests.

back-pain-cycleBut what if you already have back pain?

Well first, I suggest you do whatever you can to stay away from prescription narcotics, injections and surgery.

Don't get trapped in the “Back Pain Vortex” like that diagram on the right.

If you need over the counter medication to manage the pain while you tackle the real issue, then I'm OK with that.

Just understand that taking pills is like throwing out the blaring smoke alarm while there's a fire in the house because it's waking you up.

Pills will mask the pain, but it's not going to fix the problem.

Second, you need to do something to help you get pain free and strong again BEFORE you go back to swinging your kettlebells.

The programs and progressions from Fix My Back Pain by Rick Kaselj, MS is what you should be using.

Rick's done an amazing job at progressing you through a series of exercises that you can automatically plug into your current program.

The best part?

It's video-based.  So he actually walks you through each exercise and progression, step-by-step.  Just click the coupon below and you can get the program for 52% OFF…


Now, let me say this again…

If you swing your kettlebells properly, your back is strong.


If you've already got pain, then you need help.

HERE is where you get it.


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