The Most Important Video I’ve EVER Recorded.

This may resonate with some of you, and it may completely turn others off altogether.

Either way, if you’re serious about your training and your goals, this is a truth that you MUST learn to accept.

If not, then you’ll probably end up spinning your wheels and being continually frustrated.

This may be the most IMPORTANT video that I have recorded to date…

Strength Has A Greater Purpose: A Message From Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman of StrongFirst

***This message is reprinted from the StrongFirst Blog.  It has resonated with me so much that I’ve felt the need to post it here.  To read it on it’s original source go to – *** Strength Has A Greater Purpose By: Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman of StrongFirst Our motto is “Strength…

Kettlebell Workouts That Combat Stress

***Editor’s Note: Today’s post is another gem on Kettlebell Workouts and everyday stress levels by Master RKC, Geoff Neupert.*** ===================================================================== STRESS can be a KILLER. And nothing sabotages your workouts faster than unchecked stress. One day you’re going along fine and the next you hit a brick wall. You just…