Fitness Model Training EXPOSED: An Interview with RKC Cody Bramlett – Part 3

In the final instalment of my interview with fellow-RKC Cody Bramlett, I get one of the absolute BEST verbal cues on how to have healthy hands (ie. no torn callouses), Cody gives us the lowdown on P90X and the truth about fitness models.

There's some really great information in this final part of the 3 part series so make sure you take notes.

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Chris Lopez:​ One of the drawbacks that I’ve found with a lot of people is that their hands they have a tendency to get really unhealthy in terms of ripped callouses or bruises. Do you have any tips on hand health and how to protect your hands? Is that just like a technique thing? I have heard a lot of people say that if your hands are getting ripped you are doing it wrong. What are your thoughts on that and can you give us some tips?

Cody Bramlett:​ The first thing is the skill of it and the biggest thing is the transition from fingertips to palm. So if you are holding the bell in either in the rack position or overhead, the bell is in your palm. If you are casting the bell out the bell is in your fingertips. And the idea is that when the bell transfers from spot to spot it will grab the skin, pull it and basically separate the skin layers making a blister form underneath. And that is a lot of times what happens right there.

So one of the things I do is to never have touch your callouses. Only transfer to your fingertips or your palm.

If you are going to use a glove, use as thin of a glove as possible. RKC says to use a soft frictionless spandex gloves that have your fingertips cut out like white gloves. You can find them online for like five dollars they are a white spandex glove. Those work great because they are super thin. The idea is helping you transition the bell from fingertip to palm. That’s important.

I like using a lotion called corn huskers lotion. It’s not greasy and helps keeps the callouses softer. You want them strong, but you want them rigid.

You want them not to be like a Mt. Everest a giant lump just be strong and smooth. At the same time I keep a foot file in my shower. Some people are like I have pumice stones, I have this in the shower. They don’t work. The only thing I have ever found to work on callouses is basically sandpaper which is a foot file. You can get it at CVS. You can get them at any kind of store, any hair supply store, online. It is basically a long piece of plastic with sandpaper on two sides. I use it on the shower go one, two, three to my callouses. It keeps them smooth I have had like two tears in the last three years and I go hard. It really, really helps. Chop off your callouses, it will keep your hands soft by using that corn huskers lotion. Sand them by going one, two, three on the callouses it keeps them smooth. And try the transition from palm to fingertips. You think of it like you are in the rack position the bell by your chest you can think about you are casting it out like a fishing rod, casting it out to your fingers then taking it back towards your hips. So you are kind of hopping over your callouses every time you transition the bell. That has helped my students a lot and is what works for us.

"Be better than P90X"

Chris Lopez:​ That’s a good verbal cue “casting it out”. I think people will be able to wrap their heads around that really easily. How does what you do with kettlebells differ from some of the more mainstream fitness fads out there like P90X, for example?

Cody Bramlett:​ So P90X, Insanity those things from that company they are – they are making you sweat. And if you want to sweat go to a sauna and sweat. A lot of the things they do are just flailing your arms and jumping around and causing your heart to pump a lot. It doesn’t make you stronger. It doesn’t teach you how to move correctly. It doesn’t make you necessarily a more athletic person. It just makes you sweat a lot. So sweating doesn’t mean losing weight. It means you are expelling water out of the body because your heart rate has gone up and your hot.

What we like to do is teach you how to move correctly, apply the right amount of load with the type of drill and skill you are doing and with that your posture will change, your strength will change properly and you will see faster results. And not only that we will try to prevent injury.

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The reason I like kettlebells and you may agree with me too, Chris, is that kettlebells you have seen once you get the few basic skills down you are not going to be able to hurt yourself as much. You are not going to have to be unbalanced because you are using each side separately. You just happen to have better success because of that.

We are looking at moving correctly, proper drills that make you stronger, not just flailing your arms around and jumping up and down and just becoming the stronger, bigger person because of that. I mean, Tony Horton, look at the guy. He is strong because he is good at doing pull ups and squats. You cannot get legs that big jumping around and doing lunges. He has done giant, heavy squats and he does pull ups like every second of the day. That is why he is a strong person.

Chris Lopez:​I mean that is the biggest myth with fitness models too. I mean all these companies hire fitness models to come and do their thing. I can pretty much guarantee a fitness model didn’t get a body like that jumping around and flailing their arms doing jumping jacks and stuff, right?

Cody Bramlett:​ No way. I have a friend who is an actress, wanted to be an actress in Hollywood. She was actually brought on board. They bring in hundreds of people to do the diet programs for these products and they give them a prescribed diet. They force them on this diet. They force them to work out and at the end of it all the person who has the best results that looks the best they put them in the videos. It is kind of a contest to get the prize to work on the TV show. It is really funny how they do it. It is kind of like being controlled.

They are actors they are starving and needing a job. And they do these jobs – they do these shoots and these pictures and the before and afters in the diet program to try to land a gig.

Chris Lopez:​ There you go. Hollywood exposed right there.  Can you walk us through your program? What have you got on it? What is offered? Take us step by step through what you can do to help somebody like a complete novice who has never touched a kettlebell before and kind of take them to the next level where they are moving better and they are losing weight and they are getting stronger. How does it work?

Cody Bramlett:​ Yea, definitely. We created the program based on the premise of having one kettlebell. Kettlebells are not cheap. Honest to god. We have managed to find a supplier of really nice vinyl coated kettlebells but I don’t make a penny on those things. I am trying to get them to you as cheaply as possible so you can have the best success.

What we did is we created at my studio a 10 workout system. So we take you from step one, our first drill level one, exercise one all the way up to level three exercise three. Three, six, nine. And then we do a couple of different ab warm up exercises and a lot of different stretching exercises.

My goal was not necessarily to seek people who were super athletes. My goal is to help the masses. Help everybody lose that 10 or 15 pounds they are trying to get rid of while having fun and losing stress. My tag line is the fastest way to get lean, get toned, lose stress and have fun. And that is what we do. It is quick, it is easy, it is to the point.

So it takes you through all of the different drills. I have the full program where it actually teaches you each individual exercise. A simple, follow-along program.

On top of that my brother and I sat down and locked ourselves in a hotel room for a week and a half straight and wrote a whole manual kind of explain every drill. The dos and don’ts of every drill we teach and put that together on a 70 page manual which kind of goes through everything.

On top of that the nutrition program we put through our students and remind you I have gone through 150 students in this program. He has gone through about 250 students in this program. They have all had crazy results. The nutrition program we put it up in the main little PDF book and put that in the package as well. Everything we have ever done with our students and took all the positive aspects of it and we put it through hundreds and hundreds of people and then shoved it into a product we can shell it out and share it with you guys.

We just want to help more people.


Chris Lopez:​ So tell us where we can find out more about you. Tell us where we can find out more about your program. Give us some information here and let us know how we can get to know the Bramlett Brothers a little bit better.

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Cody Bramlett:​ We have our main site which is called that is our blog we give all our free resources. I post up there every week.

Our product can be found on – KXT stands for kettlebellxtraining.

On that site it explains everything you have in the program.

I highlighted my top 10 students and what they achieved it is awesome. I love when big changes happen to people. That is the biggest thing for me is the transformation.

I had a lady come up to me and cry on my shoulder after about three months from the changes that happened to her. She went to the doctors and they rushed her to the ER because her numbers were still high she could have had a heart attack on the spot. The next week she came in with her daughter. One of her daughter’s friends had been taking classes and had great results. I’m so proud of her what she has done and what she changed. She is healthy and strong and fit and moves so well now.

That is what matters to me. I just want to help as many people as I can. I found the knowledge. I have seen the changes in myself. I have seen the changes in my students. I just want to help more people.

I am here to share the power of kettlebells and the program with the world.

Chris Lopez:​ Cody, it has been a sincere pleasure. Thank you so much for taking the time out. I know you are probably pretty busy with the two businesses going on and lots of people to train. I really appreciate you taking the time to chat with me about all of this. Really good stuff, man. You guys are doing really great stuff in the world and I’m really happy to help spread the word.


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