Double KB – Bodyweight Workout

It IS “Workout Wednesday”, but let me preface this by going on record and saying…


Workouts, to me, are just elements within a program.

And a program is for someone who has a clear cut goal.

Random workouts are for people that say stuff like…

I wanna get fit” or “I wanna lose weight“.

Programs are for people that have specific goals…

I will lose 10lbs of fat and put on 5lbs of muscle by my 40th birthday


“I will press the 40kg kettlebell by January 26th, 2017”

See the difference?

If you have a goal, then there are specific programs – a road map, if you will – that will get you towards your goal.

If you're not specific about what you want – or completely vague, like “I just wanna get fit” – then it doesn't matter what you do and you can do for the Random Workout thing.

So when I write a Workout Wednesday post/email/article, I'm giving you something to do for a “workout”…

…because I have 50K subscribers and I really don't know what your specific GOAL is.

But I don't just pull these workouts out of my you-know-what…

…They're usually an element of a larger program.

If you have a SPECIFIC GOAL, then let me know and I can direct you to the right program – either written by me or by Geoff Neupert.

Either way – goal or not – I encourage you to try the workout of the week that I'll deliver to you on Workout Wednesday and give me feedback on whether you like it or not.

If I get enough feedback about one workout, then I can create a program out of it and voila!…..

…I can offer you a new PROGRAM.

With that said, here's your WORKOUT WEDNESDAY video…

Have an awesome day!


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