Double KBs = 2x The Results?

 I have been busy.

Yes, I know everyone is busy, so no, I'm not complaining.  As the saying goes, "You make the bed you sleep in".  And all this busy-ness is completely self-induced.

In fact, I'm pretty lucky to have a life that revolves around my family, fitness, and coaching sports.  If I take a look at all the things that I use my time for, those 3 things in some form or another comprise 90% of it.

For example, here's a peak into my "after 4pm schedule" for this week…

Monday – Rozanne has soccer practice for the women's team she plays for. We all tag along and I'll throw or kick the ball around with the kids.

Tuesday – I coach some athletes at the beach; AJ has beach volleyball clinics; Joey has a soccer game

Wednesday – I coach with the National Beach Volleyball team; AJ has "cauldron night" with her beach volleyball club; Frankie has a soccer game

Thursday – I coach the same "Tuesday athletes" at the beach, AJ has beach volleyball practice, Joey has a soccer game

Friday – I coach with the National Team again usually doing some prep work for a weekend tournament; Rozanne has a soccer game

Saturday – AJ has a beach volleyball tournament, I scout for the National Team

Sunday – Family Day

OK, so my point?

Well, I still have to train clients, run my online businesses (answer emails, write articles, create products/programs), cook, manage the house and find some time to eat and sleep. 

AND I HAVE TO TRAIN – which I LOVE to do and which is integral to my business and my success as a fitness professional.  (Would you trust a fat, out of shape trainer?)

BUT as you can see from my schedule above, my time is limited.

So I've made a few changes to my training routine that have allowed me to be more efficient with my time.  These include…

-Going on early morning "fasted" walks 6 days per week.  I walk to and from my favorite espresso place in the wee hours of the morning.  This takes 30-40 minutes total and also has allowed me to "juice" my creative time (it seems as though I come up with a lot of business and training ideas in the early morning).

-I run hills TWICE per week

-I only train at the gym ONCE per week. (I'll pick a big compound lift – this week it's the deadlift – and structure a workout around that exercise).

-I train at home TWICE per week with kettlebells.

-I started using DOUBLE KETTLEBELLS again.

The point that I want to elaborate on is the DOUBLE KETTLEBELL work.

At the RKC, many of our drills were done with double-KBs for the sole reason that you are using TWICE THE RESISTANCE.

This means that your abs and posterior chain need to work harder because you're lifting TWICE the weight.

Your heart rate goes up a lot faster because you're ballistically moving TWICE the weight.

And after a few weeks of training you will get a lot STRONGER and put on some serious MUSCLE.

So yesterday, I opted to double my usual weight and use the double 24s (2 x 24kg kettlebells) to come up with the workout below that – after doing the protocol 4 times – completely smoked me in less than 25 minutes.

****WARNING – Please familiarize yourself with working with double KBs before you even attempt this workout. I suggest doing at least a few weeks of double KB training before you try this circuit.************

We are going to be combining a Double Clean, Double Front Squat and Double Military Press in this workout.

You should be using a weight that you can comfortably press 8-10 times, however you will only be pressing for 5 reps.

Series 1 – Clean, Squat and Press the KBs.  Ensure there is a distinct PAUSE between each rep of each exercise and that you are not losing tension in your abdomen between each rep.  Perform 5 reps, then – without any rest – perform Series 2 below.

Series 2 – Clean and Squat the KBs. Remember to re-CLEAN the bells between each rep.  As you squat, think about sinking between your knees and keeping your spine as stiff and straight as possible. Perform 10 reps, then – without any rest – perform Series 3 below.

Series 3 – Clean the KBs. By now your grip should really be feeling it and your heart rate should be skyrocketing.  Remember to emphasize your hip thrust and to consciously fire your lats to keep your shoulders safe.  Perform 15 reps, then put the KBs down, and stay "fast and loose" (keep moving) as your heart rate starts to go down.

After you've completed the above series, I suggest you rest for 2 to 3 minutes before attempting it again.  Remember we want to be fresh when we perform any of these exercises.  Sloppy reps because you are over-fatigued are not acceptable.  Strive for perfection.

I will film a video of this workout for you, but thought I'd give you something to try if you are pressed for time like I was this past weekend.

Good Luck,

Chris Lopez, RKC

P.S. For mor workouts like the one above, make sure to checkout my program, The TT Kettlebell Revolution by clicking HERE…

=>The TT Kettlebell Revolution by Chris Lopez, RKC


  • Reply June 14, 2011

    kanata clinic

    I have just discovered kettlebells…excellent place to come for great ideas
    Thank you!

  • Reply June 16, 2011


    Hi Chris,
    Great site, I often come here for tips and advice, keep up the good work!

    I’ve tried using double bells but often struggle for technique, so rather than using 2, I double the size of the 1 bell I’m using. I find this works a treat.

    Is this just as good as 2 bells or would I be best working on my technique with 2 bells?


  • Reply June 19, 2011


    Hey Chris!

    Just wanted to commend you for doing what you do man. Keep it up!

    I’m about to attend the HKC to get my foundation down pact. (Hopefully I’ve practiced enough not to get killed)

    Then I have a year for the RKC. I’d really appreciate some tips or advice.

    Joe (different from the prior poster) haha

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  • Reply June 20, 2011


    It’s been almost 3 weeks since I started training with kettlebells; and let me tell you, it’s the most intense and awesome workout I’ve ever done. Love it to death. I think I’ve found my calling!!!!!

  • Reply June 20, 2011


    Hi Joe,
    If you’re having problems with technique, go see an RKC and they will set you straight 🙂

  • Reply June 20, 2011


    Hi different Joe,

    You will have such a great day at the HKC!!

    Spend some time with an RKC, or at least someone who has done the HKC. Get them to check your form – the day goes soooo much easier if you are only refining or adding to your technique than if you were trying to learn.

    Get hold of the standards for each lift and mentally practice those points every time you train.

    And there’s the random small (sometimes obvious, but essential) stuff that will make a difference: keep pen & paper close by, bring plenty of easy-to-grab snacks and water, don’t rely on ‘being able to get/prepare something when I’m there’, bring everything ready-made, etc. Get to know your training partner / group early in the day, because you will help each other. Ask as many questions as possible.

    If you can relax about the small things, and be confident in your preparation and technique, then you’re primed to soak up the most from the day.

    Enjoy! And I may also be at your RKC next year.

  • Reply June 21, 2011


    Hi Kylie,

    Thank you for the great advice! I’ll definitely be prepared with the note pad, snacks, and hydration needs.

    I’ll search for an RKC in my area and see if I can at least get some input on my technique. At the very least, maybe I can get my wife to take some video so I send a file and get some critique.

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