Extreme Diet & Fat Loss Training with KBs

The BIG Mudda Hill

Yesterday under overcast skies I took to my favourite hill here in the city (aka The Big Mudda Hill) for a Kettlebell Extreme Workout.

I hopped in the family minivan and took the 5 minute drive – even though I have issues driving to do a sprint workout – mainly because my 24kg kettlebell doesn't sit well on the rack of my bicycle.

When I got there, I took my kettlebell and placed it at the top of the hill, walked down the Big Mudda, warmed up for about 10 minutes and then sprinted up the hill with all my might.

At the top, I did 25 2-arm kettlebell swings and 25 push-ups.

I did the circuit 5 times.

It was Extreme.

Within the TT Kettlebell Extreme Fat Loss program there are a few pretty extreme exercises and protocols as well (like handstand push-up variations and drills that involve Extreme KB Windmills).

When you combine an interval and MRT-based workout like the one I did with a proven Xtreme Diet, you'll lose weight FAST.

THIS is the diet that will help you lose weight quickly and safely.


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  • Reply May 9, 2012

    John Bohlig

    What kink of pushups does the RKC endorse? Is there a “Hardstyle” pushup?

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