The Get-Up: How To Prevent Your Leg From “Popping Off” The Ground

Having your leg “pop-up” at the beginning of a get-up is due to a poor connection within the front side “X” of your body.

Remember that getting up to your elbow isn't about doing a sit up, it's about rolling and connecting your working shoulder to the opposite hip.

That “leg popping up issue” can often be easily solved by re-establishing the connection with your front side “X” through segmental rolling.

In this video, I'll show you how that's done.

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  • Reply February 25, 2016

    Bo Dela Haye

    Hi Chris,
    your so called segmental rolling is performed with your lower extremities in a passive role; so from your hips down they ‘follow’ the active role of your upper extremities.
    If , like you mentioned, “you are paralysed from your chin all the way down”, one should also not being able to do what you performed in this video.
    And personally, i think you should reconsidder’ the paralysed part ‘ and try using some other words to make a point.

    kind regards,
    Bo de la Haye
    movement coach

    • Reply February 25, 2016


      Hi Bo – Thanks so much for the feedback! If you could film a video and put it on YouTube to show me what you mean, that would be great! I’ll link to it so that people can see where I need to be corrected. Let me know when it’s up so that I can post it.

      I appreciate your feedback.


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