Friday QnA: How to Jump Like a 70 Year Old & The “Structured” Diet That I Use

Today's QnA covers the general “diet” that I use. A few weeks back, I talked about Intermittent Fasting and how it keeps me lean. And although I've been using IF for over 5 years now, that doesn't mean that when I AM eating I'm chowing down on burgers, fries, fish & chips, pizza and cake. Quite the opposite actually.


But first, here's a question about power training for the elderly…

Q: What type of explosive movements do you do with your 70 year old clients because I know mine aren't doing any type of jumping? Thoughts?

A: You're right, I don't believe in doing high impact movements like jumps or plyometrics with my older clients at all. Currently I'm using a lot of full body extensions and lots of kettlebell swings (both 1 and 2 arm). I also use tempo squats where I will vary the speed at which a client moves when they perform a squat (of a single leg movement like a split squat).

I think when you get into that age group, it all becomes relative. Something that's explosive to them – like getting out of a chair as quickly as possible – may seem slow to us. Although, I do have a 71 year old grandmother that does burpees better than a 20 year old…but she's an anomaly so I don't recommend that.

Q: Chris, I've read EatSTOPEat on your recommendation and loved the logic and science behind it. My only issue, however, is that I don't know HOW to eat on the days that I'm supposed to be eating. What kinds of foods are good for me to eat to make sure that I stay healthy, continue to build muscle and lose fat and that will allow me to have energy throughout the day? I guess the real question that I'm asking is, what diet do you use and do you recommend for those of us that need more “structure” with our eating?
-Raymond from Austin, Texas

A: Great question, Raymond. The truth is as much as I say I eat whatever I want, you have to understand that being 35 now and being more conscious about my health and the health of my loved one, I know that eating the aforementioned foods on a regular basis is a one-way street towards disease, inflammation and general poor health.

So I've changed my consciousness towards food so that “whatever I want” doesn't have to be synonymous with “unhealthy”.

These days, I don't want take out Chinese Food or over-processed junk food that makes me feel fat. I want food that will make me feel good, that will give me energy so I can keep up with my kids and outlast the athletes that I train and that will allow me to BOTH burn fat and gain muscle.

The way of eating and the way of life that I subscribe to (and Intermittent Fasting is included in this lifestyle) is perfectly summed up as THE RENEGADE DIET.

This way of eating completely dispels the utter lies that you need to eat 6 times per day to keep your metabolism elevated…there's no research that backs up this outlandish claim.

It shows you how to naturally optimize your testosterone levels by eating the right foods AT THE RIGHT TIME OF DAY to keep you anabolic and performing optimally all the time.

And The Renegade Diet will tell you exactly why you DON'T need to be eating massive amounts of protein to put on muscle or cut your calories severely to lose fat.

I guess the beauty about the way I eat is that I don't need to worry about carbs, fats and protein. I've been unknowingly following this style of eating for years now because it's something that's worked for me and something that's fit into my busy lifestyle.

I skip breakfast most days. Later on in the day I'll snack on nuts, veggies and if I'm really hungry I'll have an anabolic “fat shake” – recipe to come.

And then I'll eat to my heart's content at dinner while I'm spending time with my family. I'm the one who cooks and prepares dinner most of the time, so you can bet that we're eating lots of protein, veggies and my wife and I will have a little starch while the kids can load up on however much they want. After the meal we always eat some fruit. Lately it's been mangoes.

I guess the point is that this isn't so much a “diet” as it is a lifestyle that I/we (as in my family) follow. And it's perfectly summed up in my friend, Jason Ferruggia's new book THE RENEGADE DIET.

=>The Renegade Diet by Jason Ferruggia

Like I said, I've unknowingly been eating this way for years now and it's all because it's just a way of eating (and of life) that's worked for me and that has fit into my busy lifestyle.

I think when it comes to eating, people get caught up in what everyone else is doing and fail to recognize a way that truly works for them.

My advice is to just find a way that fits your life and your goals and then tweak as necessary. We're all different, so find a style that's right for you.

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    I have my breakfast at 9:00 and i workout that same mourning around 5:30 a.m…..i want my workout in the mourning, What do i have to do?….LOVE THE POST.

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