Friday QnA: When to Increase The Weight of Your Kettlebell…

So going on my “Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone” theme for the month (ideally for my life), I’m about to pack it all up and go camping with Joey & Frankie.

Now to preface, I am NOT an outdoorsy person by any means.  I am a true “urbanite” and am most comfortable in city where getting hit by a cab on my bike is more comforting than having an encounter with a hungry grizzly bear.

Nonetheless, I’m trying to lead by example, and so I’m off to the wilderness with my 9 and 7 year old daughters on an adventure for the weekend…completely unplugged.

In today’s QnA, we cover when to increase the weight of your kettlebell and how to deal with neck and shoulder tightness from swinging.

Enjoy the video (and I’m sorry about the lightning).  It will be better next week.



  • Reply June 8, 2012


    I’ve been following your kettlebell exercises for the last couple months. You’re very informative and offer great advice etc. I’m still getting use to using them, a little tricky at first to get the method right. I started off with 12kg, then to 16kg and today tried the 20kg doing swings. I’m not doing many reps, so do I stick with the 16kg. How much do you say a beginner with the kettlebells should do reps wise? I think I do around 15, which I know is very low compared to you guys lol.

    Anyway thanks for the videos and the time you spend in putting these out. Great man.

    Enjoy your camping trip.



  • Reply June 9, 2012


    Been following you for awhile. This is the first Q&A I’ve seen. Good job. Helpful. Thanks.

  • Reply June 11, 2012

    Jeff Clark

    I enjoy any info on kettlebells as I workout only with them !!!!!!
    Appreciate the video and info !!!!! Very informative , thanx !!!!!!

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