Dan John call this a “Game Changer”

I'm writing you from our 8th rental house here in Costa Rica since we moved here in October.

It's been a whirlwind of moving and changes since we decided to make the big move form Toronto to the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica and do what's best for our family.

Since that time – in addition to the 8 different houses – we've…

-bought a 10 year old SUV for the price of a brand new car in the US (there's a video on my Facebook Page about that)

-started construction of our shipping container home

-adopted a cat that we named Luna

-said goodbye to our 19 year old daughter who is starting her own adventure splitting time between Barcelona and Toronto

-and got a new Rottweiler Puppy that we named Phife (If you know me, then you'll know that A Tribe Called Quest is my all time favourite Rap group, so you'll know the reference)

It's been busy… like crazy busy… and I'm embarrassed to say that it's been difficult for me to stick to a structured program for my strength training.

I'm guessing, you're probably busy too.

And when you're stressed out and too busy, you probably want the same things that I want…

-to maintain leanness or possibly get leaner
-to maintain good levels of strength or possibly get stronger
-to stay healthy and not get injured
So today's email will help you because I'm going to share what I've been doing on the regular to be able to maintain leanness and strength without having the pressure of “structure” to my training.

I developed a plan based on this quote…

“We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a HABIT”

If you replace “Excellence” with “Strength”, the quote is just as truthful and impactful.

I call the plan “EVERYDAY STRENGTH Daily” – which will be the title of the new Execution Plan that I'm writing.

The idea behind “EVERYDAY STRENGTH Daily” is to incorporate something (anything, really) that promotes strength, health & longevity everyday.

…And to eliminate the excuse that you don't have time to do anything.

The Principles of EVERYDAY STRENGTH Daily are simple…

1. Do something EVERYDAY.

2. Incorporate multiple foundational movements based on the Core 7 (more on that later this week).

3. It must done in an “Easy Strength” format not promoting any high levels of sympathetic tone

(That's just a fancy way of saying that it shouldn't stress you out… because a busy life is stressful already, so your workouts shouldn't contribute to having more stress).

4. Practice for no more than 12 minutes daily.If you follow those principles, then anything will work really.

But the magic, I've found, is within the tonic, repetitive movements that don't require a lot of conscious tension (or a lot of thinking for that matter :-))….

-Loaded Carries
-OS Style Rocking Push-Ups
-Kettlebell Swings
-Kettlebell Snatches
-Hindu Squats
-Get Ups with a Light-ish Kettlebell
So here's what I did this morning after a 30 minute dog walk on the beach…
1. OS Reset Warm-Up

2. Loaded Carry Complex – also known as a “Cook Drill” – for 10 minutes.

For the Cook Drill you take your Kettlebell (I used a 24kg) and walk for distance or time with the kettlebell overhead…

…Then when you start to feel some fatigue, you pull the kettlebell down into the rack and continue to walk until you start to fatigue in the rack…

…Then you bring the kettlebell down again and carry for the remainder of the time in the suitcase position.

game changer
game changer
game changer
The idea is to NOT put the kettlebell down until you've finished your suitcase carry.

Then you switch arms.

Do this for 10-12 minutes straight without putting the kettlebell down and you'll be strong.

Do it and only breathe through your nose (keeping your mouth shut) and you'll be even stronger.

Remember, the idea is to NOT go into a stress response.

For now, do me (and yourself) a favour and try the above Loaded Carry Complex (you can even use it as a “finisher” to your regular kettlebell training) and then let me know how it goes.

And if you're looking for an immediate “Everyday Strength Daily” practice with some structure, you should check out Swing Logic where I have 6 weeks of daily training mapped out for you in the simplest fat loss program you'll ever use.

Check out Swing Logic HERE.

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