Getting Out Of The Dungeon

I was in the gym this past Friday and felt depressed.  It was a beautiful day outside and the weather was spectacular.  The temperature wasn’t too hot or too cold. It was perfect weather for being outside.

But I was "stuck" in the gym doing heavy Bulgarian Split Squats. Nonetheless, I gritted through the workout and got it done.

On the bike ride home, my indoor experience got my thinking….

With the weather absolutely beautiful right now, do I really need to be training indoors?

Now, don’t get me wrong, the gym that I train at is beautiful. Beautiful in the sense that you can drop weights, grunt and yell as much as you like. There’s a row of power racks, a glute-ham raise, dumbbells that go up to 150lbs and rings hanging from the ceiling.  But on Friday it felt like a furnace in there and I felt like I was in a dungeon.

Based on my last video, I’m taking my own advice and training outside until the weather gets better.  That starts TODAY!

Here in Toronto, we’re only really blessed with good weather 5 months out of the year. The rest of that time is a toss up.

So I’m going to put the barbell and dumbbells down for the next 4 months and focus on training outside in my backyard and running hills at my favorite spot.

Here’s what today’s workout will be…

1) Foam roll, stretch hips & jump rope for 5 minutes

2) Turkish Get-ups (2 x 5 per side)

3a) Chin-Ups (3 x AMRAP)

3b) KB Windmill (3 x 10 per side)

4) KB Snatches x 100 (50 per side)

Since this will be my first outdoor workout in a while, I’ll probably start off using the 16kg kettlebell for the first set and then move over to the 24kg.

The plan is to train 3 days per week using a combination of kettlebells, bodyweight training, sandbag training and some fun stuff like hitting an old tractor tire or flipping it over in the alleyway (hopefully my neighbour won’t mind).

I’ll be sure to update you on how things go and make sure to check back tomorrow when I take you through a tour of my "outdoor gym". I’ll show you exactly what I have in my arsenal and how you can equip your backyard so you won’t have to waste time travelling anywhere for your outdoor workout.

Have a great day,


p.s. If you’re looking to break out of your dungeon, then you can join me with some outdoor kettlebell workouts by clicking HERE

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    Here in South Carolina where I live, we only have 6 months out of the year that mosquitoes won’t eat you alive where you stand. Sweat, and they will call even more of their hungry friends over for the feast!!!

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