Going Beyond Kettlebell Training

Today’s post is a bit of a break from the usual Kettlebell Training instruction.

The snow over the weekend here in Toronto made the roads this morning treacherous, so since I don’t have snow tires on my bike (yet – I’m getting them on today), I decided to take the subway in to see some clients.  

I miss taking the subway.  I could do without the "pack’em in like sardines" level of comfort, but for the most part, riding the subway is quite enjoyable.  I like it because it gives me the opportunity to read.  Commuting by car or bike, requires you to always be alert to your surroundings, so you really can’t get any time to yourself.  Sitting on a subway for an hour gives you the opportunity for some down time and my preferred activity is reading.

I’m reading "Work the System" Sam Carpenter right now.  Really great book on productivity and taking responsibility for your life.

In addition to reading and studying physical culture, training, fitness and everything kettlebell, I’m also a junkie for self-improvement books or books that will allow me to learn more about how to communicate to you guys in a more effective manner.  Hence, reading the book "Work the System".

It seems like what I’m doing is having some effect because I got this message on Facebook over the weekend…

Hi Chris – seen your website. Admire you. I’m a single dad of autistic son in foreign country. Healing my son, working crazy hours and basically that’s it. I will do anything and everything to be there for my boy.

Just to let you know….even if you are unaware – you inspire me to get up every day, work hard, show love to my son, be there, and make ends meet…..kettlebells are here for me as well, when everything goes south – just lovely c&j plus snatch and I’m back on track. Thanks Mate.

-"M" from England

(the name of this reader and some personal details in this message have been changed and/or omitted to protect his identity)  

I think the message is clear – that despite the busy-ness of life, you can still find time to train and to stay healthy.  "M’s" life is much busier than mine and probably most people’s.  Raising an autistic child as a single dad pales in comparison to having 5 kids and a wife that stays home to take care of them.

So, the take home message is that you have to maximize your time and get the most out of it.  Much like how I use my "sardine time" on the subway to catch up on my reading and how "M" can find 20 minutes in his busy day to do some clean and jerks, I’m sure that you can find a few minutes 3 to 4 times per week to help you achieve your fat loss goals.

And because it seems like none of us have time for traditional gym workouts anymore, we opt for the efficiency of Kettlebell Training.

No more excuses.  Stop watching TV.  Stop mindlessly surfing the net.  Stop checking your email every 5 minutes.  Quit the gym.

Start today and work hard so that you can reap the benefits tomorrow.


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