How To Burn Calories Without Moving (And Get Kettlebell Strong In The Process)

kettlebell double press strongSo I sent you a video yesterday of me pressing double 28s.  What’d you think?

A few weeks before, I was struggling doing 10 sets of 1 press.  Now, I’m doing 10 sets of 4 EASILY.

That’s a 400% increase in volume in just a few weeks all because I learned…


Master SFG, Geoff Neupert’s NO BS PERPETUAL SUCCESS PRINCIPLE #1 – Learn How To “Master” Tension.

Many KB users – maybe even you – don’t get the results they want because they’re always in a rush.

They’re so busy to get a “workout” that all they focus on is getting the reps in.

I’ve a client right now who’s just like that.  At our #TorontoHardstyleKettlebellClub, when we’re doing our loaded carries, he seems to think that the point is to FINISH FIRST.

If we’re doing a bottoms-up walk, he’ll race out of the gate – hips shaking like Shakira – and forget the whole reason why we’re doing what we’re doing. You’ve gotta stay tight, imagine that you’re in a cylinder and brace hard, and THEN walk.

Even when we’re practicing our grinds (like Get-Ups), he always “races” his sets – trying to get them done as fast as possible, like there’s some kind of prize for finishing first. (*hint* There’s not.)

People like this never focus on the quality of the reps or what’s going on INSIDE the reps.

(We’ll get deeper into this in an upcoming email.)

Here’s an example of learning how to master tension from my own training –

One of my goals right now is pushing up my Military Press.

At my RKC Level 2, the one thing that really resonated with me was Geoff’s cue of “Pressing From My Seat”.

What the heck does that even mean?

It means contracting my glutes hard and using them as a shelf from which to press from.

So since then, I’ve been “over-crushing” my butt.

I’ve been using extra “butt juice” (sounds gross – but you get the point) – squeezing my glutes harder than I normally do.

Sure, it takes extra energy.

And it feels uncomfortable, but the results have been UNDENIABLE.

See, when you over squeeze your glutes, you take advantage of the Law of Irradiation, which I first learned from Pavel in his bodyweight training book, “The Naked Warrior“.

kettlebell strong

Add some butt-juice to your press

The Law of Irradiation states that the harder one muscle or group of muscles contract, other muscles near them contract or join in to support the effort.

Think of this as muscle “cheering”.

“Hold on”, you may be thinking, “your butt is NOWHERE near your pressing muscles?!”

Oh, but wait, young grasshopper…

What I’ve noticed lately by “Pressing from my seat” are two things:

  1. My shoulders stay packed and I can feel my lats more (probably because the glutes and lats work together in an “X” – right glute to left lat, left glute to right lat)
  2. The harder I contract my glutes, the more I feel my abs working.

This is cool because I’m not necessarily focusing on these things – they’re just happening as a result of increasing the tension – of squeezing my butt.

Now here’s what’s really going to blow your mind…

This uses more energy and you can apply it using THIS PROGRAM.

So even if I were training for fat loss (I’m not) – it’d be really smart to add this “tension work” into my training.


Because in you can burn calories – Extra calories – WITHOUT moving!

Think about it…

What would happen if you just held a pair of KBs in the rack and focused on tightening everything up?

(You’ll learn how to do this soon enough.)

Yeah, you’d burn a lot more calories.


Because, again, contracting your muscles uses energy.

The harder you contract them, the more energy you use.

But who cares about that if you’re only into getting kettlebell strong?

Well here’s what else I’m experiencing using the “Press from the Seat” cue – I’m using heavier weights.  My double 28s are feeling LIGHTER.

Why’s that?

Again, because of the Law of Irradiation – more muscles are working not only individuals, but as part of a team.

And the more you practice this – the STRONGER you’ll get.

kettlebell workouts

Master RKC Geoff Neupert

Strength, after all, is a skill.

=>Use The Skill Of Strength To Lose Fat HERE

and here’s the weird part – which I can’t explain yet – other than maybe because we’re wired this way –

I’m recovering faster between training sessions.

That means I can do more work. This ISN’T supposed to happen as you get older.

In fact, quite the opposite is supposed to happen.

But look – the butt thing isn’t the only place where you can master tension.

You can use it anywhere in your body by following a few simple cues. In fact, there are 5 others – besides “Pressing From Your Seat” – that I use in my training and I want to share with you as well.


Now there’s been some buzz over the last couple of years AGAINST using these techniques citing they’re “dangerous” and they “cause pain.”

Here’s my take –


ANYTHING can be used incorrectly. And if you misuse something, there’ll be negative consequences.

A sharpened blade can be used to heal – like a surgeon’s scalpel – or it can be used to kill – like a criminal’s shank – it’s all about application.

People fail to understand that these shouldn’t be used ALL the time and furthermore,

These people didn’t employ the appropriate recovery techniques and suffered the consequences – pain and dysfunction.

(Not to mention many of these same people were busted up before they even started using these high tension techniques and used them to override pain and dysfunction. I know, I was one of them.)

And finally, let’s not confuse the strategies of “athletics” with strategies of heavy strength training.

A soccer player or sprinter doesn’t use the same movement strategies as a powerlifter or gymnast.

Confusing the two is like bringing a knife to a gunfight and wondering why you ended up almost dead.

Bottom Line: Learn to master tension if you want to get leaner and stronger.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about how you can get more work done and get faster results by doing less.

Sounds counter-intuitive, right?

And that’s why most people bounce from workout to workout to workout and never  get the results they want or get kettlebell strong.



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