How To Walk Away From A Traumatizing Accident

I want to share some thoughts about a conversation that I had with my beautiful wife this morning while we were getting breakfast ready for the kids.

We have a friend who was in a car accident.  Nothing major – no deaths, no major/traumatizing injuries – just a simple rear-ending, fender bender.

There was minor damage to his car and the car that hit him.

But the major damage has been with his inability to walk because he injured his back after as his car got hit.

In a similar situation, I remember talking to a fellow RKC 2 back in October about an incident where she was riding her bike on the street and a car didn't see her and side-swiped her onto the curb and she rolled 5 times – once head over feet. BikeLane

She was wearing a helmet and got a scratch on her cheek, but aside from some surface soreness, she was fine.

Fine as in, she still deadlifted that same day.

And the day after, she still swung and pressed her kettlebells.

It could have been worse.  A lot worse.

But she got up, cussed the driver out, got back on her bike and rode away.

OK, so what's the lesson?

What was the difference between the 2 – aside from one being a man and the other a woman?

Why is it that the one with a seemingly more traumatic accident was able to literally walk away with little to any pain and our friend is still suffering from a bad back weeks later?



It's STRENGTH, my friend.


Our friend who was in the fender-bender is sedentary.

He does not exercise at all – unless you count taking the kids out for a walk or mowing the lawn.

He isn't over weight by any means, but isn't particularly “fit” either.

And he had to pre-existing back injury.

***And if you give me that “he probably doesn't have the time” BS, I will throw up a little in my mouth.  My wife – who homeschools 5 kids – gets up at 6am and trains for 27 minutes 3 times per week and she can do 10 nose-to-ground-full-push-ups.***

Now this is just an educated guess regarding the difference between these 2 individuals, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that because my RKC2 friend…

1) Lifts weights on a regular basis

2) Eats a healthy diet of REAL food and

3) Is pound-for-pound as strong as any MAN

…that her body was able to endure a much more traumatic experience than our less-fit/less-strong friend.

So when we talk about “Training For Life” and making strength part of who you are, this is a perfect example of why.

Sure, you can train to look great.

Sure, you can train to perform and lift 3x your bodyweight off the floor.

BUT, the real benefit as far as I'm concerned, is your ability to handle stress – in this case SERIOUS acute physical stress – and conquer and come through unscathed.


THAT is why we train.  THAT is why STRENGTH MATTERS.

THAT is why we must be STRONG FIRST.

So take a look at your training and ask yourself if you're making strength priority or if you're just chasing reps and trying to “feel” like you've worked-out.

There's more to life than just looking good.

And believe me, if you focus on strength, you won't have to worry about looking great…it just happens automatically.

Be Strong,


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