I NEVER Miss This

There's an event that I NEVER miss.

Each year at the beginning of June I've been flying to go see my good friend and very first business mentor – Craig Ballantyne – to speak at his TTSummit.

The TTSummit is an intimate event where Craig invites some of the best speakers and fitness educators in the world to share their ideas and motivation with other trainers and fitness enthusiasts.

This year, I'll be talking about my new Execution Plan, “EVERYDAY STRENGTH: Daily” (you get a FREE copy if you attend).

My talk will feature practical ways that you can incorporate a daily practice of strength into your life.

Since I've turned 40, I've noticed that I no longer have the drive to train at a high intensity all the time.

In fact, I think high intensity efforts in everyday life are few and far between, but that doesn't mean that you need to train HIGH INTENSITY all the time to be prepared for such events.

Instead, you teach your body to stay prepared through sub-maximal efforts with infrequent little challenges every now and then.

So I developed EVERYDAY STRENGTH: Daily to engrain the habit of strength while teaching people to stay lean and still be prepared to be able to do the things they did in their 20s.

It's gonna be cool.

I'd love if you could join me in Denver at the TTSummit.

Here are the details…

Date: Friday, June 2nd & Saturday, June 3rd

Location: Denver, CO at the SpringHill Suites Hotel Downtown

My talk is on June 2nd AND I'll be holding an exclusive 3hr Kettlebell Training session that will incorporate “EVERYDAY STRENGTH: Daily” exercises, programming and practices.

You'll come away with a FULL Tool Kit AND a FREE Copy of the “EVERYDAY STRENGTH: Daily” Execution Plan.

Truthfully, it isn't cheap for me to fly from Costa Rica to Denver, CO (there are no direct flights), so you bet your behind that if I'm going, then this is a pretty important event.

And I'll always support my mentor and friend Craig Ballantyne.

If you come, make sure to reply and let me know so that I know to keep an eye out for you and say hello.

I really hope to see you in Denver.

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