Interval Training Using Kettlebells

It's been a challenging few weeks at my house.  Rozanne and I have had to deal with EVERYONE being sick – including ourselves – with the youngest one being hospitalized for a couple of days while he was trying to get over pneumonia.  Poor little guy lost about a 1/4 of his bodyweight because he couldn't keep anything down!

It seems like everyone's on the mend now and it's time for me to get back on schedule with my workouts and with providing you with the most up-to-date fat loss information as it pertains to kettlebell training.

Prior to getting the flu (yes, I got the full-blown flu that put me out for a week), I was really in a groove with trying to put some weight on using double-24 kettlebells.  My workouts were short and intense and most of them lasted no more than 30-minutes.  I was making some really impressive gains only to lose all of it and then some after getting sick.

Now, I'm trying slowly to build it all back.  I've dropped down to the double-20s and doing more work-capacity, interval training style workouts to build up my endurance.

One of the main benefits that I've noticed since I've changed from a more muscle building approach to a more interval training approach is how I've been able to put some weight back on but still have been able to stay VERY lean.

After I got sick, I weighed myself and was a pathetic 157lbs and had a 30.5" waist.  I don't think I've been below 160 since highschool.  

I was weak.  I looked weak and frail and needed to pack the pounds back on.  So I did the only thing that a self-respected man would do – I ate.  And I ate a lot – rice, noodles, potatoes, pasta.  I tried desperately to pack on more weight and I did.  In 2 weeks after that bout with the flu I "ballooned" back up to 165.  That's 8lbs in 2 weeks.

The best part about it was that my waist pretty much stayed the same – I measured it this morning and it was 31" on the dot.

My workouts were just basic double kettlebell movements done in a 2-minutes ON, 1-minute OFF interval style.  For example, for the past 2 weeks I trained only for 3 days and focused on ONE exercise per day.

On Mondays, I did a double clean and press and started with 5 intervals.  

On Wednesdays I did a set of alternating Turkish Get-Ups for 10-minutes straight and then did kettlebell swing intervals using the protocol mentioned above.

And on Fridays I did snatches with the same 2-ON, 1-OFF protocol.

With the holidays fast approaching, and a lot of family parties and commitments coming up, I think I'll stick to this simple interval-style of training until the new year.

In fact, if you're looking for a workout solution to accelerate your fat-burning efforts over the holidays, then I suggest you check my good friend, Craig Ballantyne's Holiday Workout System that was designed to help you burn fat with MINIMAL EQUIPMENT in the comfort of your own home.


There's a special eBook in the package called "The 31 Interval Training Workouts" with 3 of them written by Your's Truly.

I'm not sure there's a better way to stay lean over the holidays than doing some type of interval training to help you burn fat and hold on to the precious muscle that you've worked so hard to build.

Don't let holiday eating get you down.


Train smart,

Chris Lopez, RKC, CTT, CSCS

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