KB QnA Friday: Can I workout between my workouts?

A couple of great questions from the email box today.

I know some of us really like to feel like we've “worked out”. But we need to understand the purpose of our training and why we do what we do.

Remember fat loss is a by-product of strength – provided that you're eating the right foods – so don't get caught in the rep-chasing game and think that you need to turn your KB training into some form of aerobic exercise by not stopping.

You'll see what I mean below, but first, a question from one of my KB Evolution VIPs, Nick…

Q: hey Chris, I just finished the 1st day of the 4th week of your Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss Program. With the getup Ladders of 1 & 2 i did not do better than 14 total reps as i should… that's two rounds plus a ladder of one, and i should do at least three right? I think i'm not strong enough yet, so what should i do to improve these results? Thanks for everything. -Nick G.

A: Hey Nick – Great work thus far with the program! I would try to finish the ladder even if you go past the allotted time just to see if you are in fact strong enough.

There is no hard and fast rule that you should be getting through 3 ladders within that phase of the program though. You have to take a look at where you started and compare that to where you are now. Use the progress sheet and compare how many get-ups you could do in week 1 vs how many you can do now. If that number has improved, then you've gotten stronger – and probably leaner too.

That's the beauty with this type of program. It's individual to your level. There's no comparison to anyone else. You set the standard.

That's why so many people have seen success with it!

Q: Chris, I like to jump rope in between sets of swings and snatches to keep my heart rate up. What would you suggest is a good work to rest ratio between when I swing and when I jump rope?

-Anthony, Des Moines, Iowa

A: Although I LOVE rope jumping – for footwork, coordination and foot speed – I'm not sure that I would recommend doing it in between your sets of ballistics. I guess it would depend what your goals are.

Remember that the purpose of Hardstyle ballistics – swings, snatches & cleans – is maximum POWER PRODUCTION. You want to recruit your big powerful fast twitch muscles to generate enough hip snap to float the kettlebells. Those muscles require a lot of energy and therefore require some time to recover as well. So if you're jumping rope to keep your heart rate elevated, you have to ask yourself if you're fully recovering AND whether or not the quality of your technique is suffering as a lack of recovery.

If you're jumping rope lightly, then I'm good with that because it can act as a form of “fast & loose” to balance all the tension you've created while you were swinging.

If you're doing double-unders, then you're missing the point of what ballistics are for and turning your training into some Insanity-CrossFit-Hybrid Workout for which I cannot condone.

Work when it's time to work, REST when it's time to rest.

Scratch that…. WORK YOUR BUTT OFF when it's time to work, REST when it's time to rest.

If you want an alternative, I'd suggest doing some OS Resets dependent on where you feel you need work.

For example, if you feel like you're losing your core (or your cylinder as I've been calling it lately), then you can do some bird-dogs in between your sets of swings.

If you find your hips are tightening up, then get on the floor and do some rocking.

Or if you just feel the need to do something, then just do some light cross-crawls.

You can learn more about OS Resets HERE.

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