Happy New Decade! Here’s 6 Exercise Circuit To Get You Through Your First Week…

Man, I'm having a rough year 🙂 

So I'm writing this as my currently-potty-training-2-year-old, Mikey, climbs all over me trying to get my attention.

The baby is asleep – for at least the next 20-minutes – finally … he was running a fever last night.

And my wife is upstairs in bed nursing the flu (this is the second time that we've gotten the flu shot and have gotten the flu).

I've slept a total of 6 hours the past 2 nights and am running on fumes.

Weeks like this don't happen too often, but when they do, I'm usually prepared (or at least as prepared as I can be for situations like this). In fact, as much as logic tells me not to, it's weeks like this that I really get focused and dismiss any thoughts of taking the easy way out and order some take out because of the limited time I have.

Instead, I hit the organic food market and load up on fresh fruits and veggies and gorge on as much nutrient dense foods as I can get my hands on. Sure, it would be convenient to call Pizza Hut and order some grease for me and the kids because time is really limited, but I opt for fresh REAL FOOD for my family …

It's all about short term sacrifice for long-term reward (the "reward" being nobody else getting sick in this house).

In addition to amping up the REAL FOOD consumption, I also have cut down the workout time a little.

Because of my overworked immune system (from the lack of sleep and interacting with someone infected with the flu), I don't need my body to be stressed more than it should.

So instead of training my usual 45-minutes, I've opted to cut my training times down by 2/3rds.

All that means for me is to do some foam rolling, do some joint mobility drills, go through a very thorough warm-up, and then train hard for 15 minutes. I'll train 3 times this week and mix in some chin-ups just for fun everyday.

When you're constructing a Kettlebell and Bodyweight Fusion Workout like the one I did today (and will be doing for the rest of the week at least), you need to make sure you cover all the necessary movement patterns (that's trainer jargon for "exercises").

When I design my kettlebell fat loss circuit workouts, I make sure that I include …

1) an upper body push (push-ups or some type of standing KB overhead press)

2) an upper body pull (chin-ups or renegade rows are my favorites)

3) a bilateral lower body exercise (a squat or if you're really pressed for time, you can combine this with component "5" below and do KB swings for reps)

4) a uni-lateral lower body exercise (a lunge, pistol or split squat variation  – 1-leg split deadlifts are my favorite right now)

5) a metabolic finishing component (usually in the form of a snatch or KB Swing)

You can get into more complicated stuff like ladders, smoke sessions, pyramids and other stuff, but this week calls for something simple that will amp up my energy and keep me going into the wee hours of the morning (hopefully for not much longer).

So here's the workout that I'll be doing this week as I try to make it through the flu, potty training and an infant fever…

The "Please-Just-Get-Me-Through-This-Week" KB/BW Fusion Circuit

1) 1-arm KB Thrusters (this is a squat to overhead press holding a KB in one hand and combines 1 and 3 above) x 8 per side

2) Renegade Rows x 10 reps per side

3) 1-Leg Split Deadlifts x 8 reps per side (see picture RIGHT)

4) Chin-ups x 6 reps

5) Push-ups x 30s

6) 1-arm KB Swings x 20 per side (alternating every 10 reps)

I'll finish that with some light stretching of tight muscles (usually my pecs, quads & hip flexors) and then I'll have my post-workout meal of the moment – carrots & hummus.

Then it's back to the grind.

Having 5 kids is fun, but man, when you're significant other is sick and you have to go 1 on 5 … it's pretty challenging.

I hope the rest of the year is easier because we're only in the first week!

Happy New Year!

-Chris, CTT, CSCS

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  • Reply January 5, 2010

    Jeff P

    Hang in there Chris!

    I used your Kettlebell video that you offer and did the A Routine. Whether its the newness of using the KB’s or the variation in how I’m used to working out, it had me panting after 3 circuits. I look forward to doing it again this week and getting that strength up on my left side. Kudos for providing us your info!

  • Reply January 7, 2010


    Chris, if you make it through this, you can make it through anything. Who needs adventure racing – just have 5 kids and no sleep. Keep it up, your awsome.

  • Reply January 12, 2010


    Hey Chris, I see you use a mixture of Competition K/B’s and ‘Classic’ style ones.
    Can you comment on which you consider the best for training?
    I am reading contradictory info on the net and getting confused about what I should buy.

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