Kettlebell Swings For Fat Loss (and everything else)

 Kettlebell workouts for fat loss can be summed up into ONE EXERCISE – The Swing.

I don’t believe there to be a better for efficient and effective exercise for life than the kettlebell swing.

Have tight hips?  Swing!

Have a weak core? Swing!

Want a bullet proof back? Swing!

Want to ramp up your metabolism? Swing!

Want to be able to perform explosively like an athlete? Swing!

Want loads of money, have members of the opposite sex falling at your feet and to live stress free forever? …sorry, it’s not that kind of website :-)

For fat loss, it doesn’t get any simpler.  And you can get an effective kettlebell and bodyweight fat loss workout just by incorporating 2 simple bodyweight exercises with the swing and working your butt off.

For example, this weekend my wife and I packed up the minivan and drove 45 out of the city to Canada’s Wonderland (Toronto’s equivalent of a Six Flags Park).  If you’ve ever been to an amusement park you know that the food is absolute – pardon my french – merde (google it).

So we both got up early and packed snacks for the kids… cheese & crackers, orange slices, apples, berries, veggies & hummus.  We figured that if we filled them up with "the good stuff" earlier on, then the likelihood of them loading up on junk food would be minimal.

It was close to 8am when we finished and the kids were about to get up.  Problem was, Rozanne still had not done her workout.

Now, I don’t know about you husbands out there, but when my wife works out it directly effects the mood of our family because she ends up being more patient, she has energy that lasts the whole day and sit doesn’t mentally "bother" her as much if she has a treat at an amusement park.

So my quick-as-molases wit put together this workout for her…

Swing x 15

Push-Up x 5

Swing x 15

KB Goblet Squat x 5

Swing x 15

Push-Up x 5

Swing x 15

KB Goblet Squat x 5

Swing x 15

After a through warm-up, she grabbed her baby-blue 12kg kettlebell and went to work.  She did 2 rounds of the above circuit and then finished with 20 1-arm rows on each side.

She was done in 20 minutes, just as I was walking down the stairs with our 18 month old son in hand.

See, with kettlebell training – be it for fat loss, conditioning or even health – you always go back to the swing as the foundational movement/exercise.

In fact, I’m convinced it’s the PERFECT exercise.

So, I think it’s essential that everyone really make it a point to try to master THE SWING.

Take some time, find a local RKC, and work with that person to help you in your quest to chase the perfect swing.

Your fat loss efforts will thank you!

Chris Lopez, RKC

p.s. Here’s a quick video of 3 Essential KB Exercises for fat loss that I think you should try to incorporate into your workouts…


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    first of all thanks for the workout tips, i love using the kettlebell.I need a workout that will flatten my tummy, burn some fat on my bum and thighs. Please help.

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