Kettlebell Complexes vs Chains VIDEO

Another busy week in the Lopez household. We're packing up right now to head to Sherbrooke, Quebec – a 6 hour road trip – for the Volleyball Canada Nationals.

I'll be bringing my 24kg kettlebell for the trip since the place we're staying does not have a gym. And the weather is supposed to be amazing this weekend, so I'll have a lot of much needed outdoor time.

This will be a complex weekend.

A few weeks ago on my Facebook Page I got peppered with questions about what the difference between Complexes and Chains were and what each was good for…


Have a great day!



  • Reply May 1, 2013


    Good explanation as usual Chris and what you say makes sense. Probably not the best time to shoot a video with all the background noise. Cheers. Jim

    • Reply May 3, 2013


      Hey Jim, Thanks. The audio on my past couple of vids has been off. I’m wearing a lapel mic too. The audio in the next batch will be much better. -Chris

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