A 12 Minute Kettlebell Fat Loss Workout

 I put together a great Kettlebell Fat Loss Workout video for you below.  The beauty of this workout is that it should only take you about 12 minutes to complete!

This workout is something similar to what I did over the weekend when I was pressed for time.

We brought my oldest up to volleyball camp yesterday and it ended up being a 10-hour ordeal (3.5 hours to get there, 3.5 hours to get back in traffic, plus lunch, bathroom breaks, etc, etc), if you have kids you'll know what I mean.

I had an uncharacteristic sleep-in yesterday morning and so I needed a quick and intense kettlebell fat loss workout to get me started.  So after a thorough warm-up, I did a workout like the one I outline below (except instead of 1-arm swings I did kettlebell snatches instead).

For me this was a complete workout because it started off with Turkish Get Ups to my body moving the right way.

Check the video out below and let me know what you think

A 12 Minute Kettlebell Fat Loss Workout…

This kettlebell fat loss workout is meant to give you a full body workout in the least amount of time possible.  

I started off with the Turkish Get Up because it's probably the best all-around kettlebell exercise for health anywhere.  I'd be surprised to see another exercise out there that combines shoulder & ab stability and hip mobility, single leg strength and coordination in one exercise.

If you want to read more about why I love the Turkish Get-Up you can check out my article HERE

The Turkish Get-Up: The KING of Kettlebell Exercises

After that, the circuit features an upper body, abdominal and lower body exercise all held together with 1-arm kettlebell swings.

Give this kettlebell fat loss workout a try sometime this week when you're pressed for time and let me know what you think.  I'll have another 12-minute workout for you again next week.


p.s. For more quick and intense kettlebell fat loss workouts, make sure to check out the TT Kettlebell Revolution….

The TT Kettlebell Revolution: Intense Kettlebell Fat Loss Workouts

pps. I've got some gross pictures and another video for you tomorrow when I give you an update on my RKC Training



  • Reply August 30, 2010


    Great workout!

  • Reply August 30, 2010


    Thanks for this, Chris. It is helpful.

  • Reply August 30, 2010


    Great workout Chris!!…Thanks…Nirvana rocks too.

  • Reply August 30, 2010

    Simon Young

    Great work Chris!
    Just goes to show; its the intensity, not duration, that counts.
    I have several clients who have ” enjoyed” sub 10 minute workouts ( after a thorough warm up ) after arriving late to their training session. Funny; they tend not to be late that often afterwards!!

  • Reply August 30, 2010


    Chris, there are few emails I subscribe to that I ALWAYS look at or read, but your posts are ones I check out every time, and they never disappoint. I never would have performed Turkish get-ups correctly without your clear description. I always try your workouts as you present them, at least once, and they are always sooo good! Intense and effective. Keep ’em coming!

  • Reply August 31, 2010


    great workout!! i would like to share one of mine
    right side 5 swings-5 snatches-5squats-5clean and presses
    then continue on left side

    -your going to make a great RKC!!

  • Reply August 31, 2010

    Body Workout 101

    kettlebell fat loss workout…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  • Reply September 3, 2010



    Do you recommend using the same weight for the whole workout?

    • Reply September 8, 2010

      Chris Lopez, CSCS, CTT

      Hi Todd

      Yes, for simplicity purposes, I would just use a single KB. You can switch it up if you like, but I’ve been using 12-minute workouts like this as “travel” workouts where I can only bring one kettlebell.


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  • Reply September 7, 2010


    yes-i’m pushing 60 so 1 35 kilo will cook me. it usually takes me 2 min for the circuit and i try and cut my rest period 15 sec per week until i can get down to a minute. right now i’m at 1:30 rest

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