Kettlebells on a Cruise Ship and The Score: Obesity 1, KBs 0

After almost a 30hr drive from the frigid temperatures in Toronto to baking hot humidity of Miami, we finally made it onto our cruise ship and are right now sailing through the Carribean on our way to Cozumel, Mexico.

You read that right….we DROVE to Miami from Toronto.

It was an ambitious road trip and I initially thought we were crazy until I was driving down the I-95 through Daytona Beach and saw licence plates from Nova Scotia, Quebec and Maine. So I guess people are just as crazy as we are or it's a common thing to escape the cold of the Northeast to the sunny beaches of Florida by gutting out a 24hr plus car ride.

We've luckily NOT had any sickness, BUT (and there always is a “but”), Q is sick with some respiratory infection and Mikey was sick with a fever last night and was going a little nutty (she wanted to sleep with her arms up in the air otherwise “they were gonna get her”).

So here's a funny kettlebell story from our trip.

Prior to leaving Toronto, I knew that the chances of the ship's fitness facility sporting a kettlebell was pretty slim. So I decided to pack my most versatile KB – my 16kg – in the bottom of my carry on.

We get to the cruise terminal and proceed through security and naturally, I get stopped and questioned about the “cannonball” that's in my bag. I begin to explain what a kettlebell is and what you do with it, but the cruise security people are having none of it.

As I'm begging and pleading to allow me to take my kettlebell on board – for which their excuse is “it's just too heavy” – a 400lb man barely squeezes through the metal detector and makes his way through security.

So let me try to understand this logic…

A 400lb man who weighs more than twice the average male is fully capable of making his way on board without hesitatio, but a 170lb guy who wants to bring a 35lb weight on board so that he can stay in shape while on vacation is EXCEEDING HIS WEIGHT LIMIT!?!


Not in the mood for putting up a stink, I conceded, took the kettlebell out of my bag and walked back to the parking lot and put the KB in the trunk.

So “sans kettlebell” my wife and I went to the gym and still had a great workout. The ship was stacked with dumbbells that go up to 100lbs and so we did a quick workout while my father-in-law had breakfast with the kids.

Here's how the workout went down…

1a) DB RDLs 3 x 10
1b) DB 1-Arm Military Press 3 x 6

2a) DB Goblet Reverse Lunges 3 x 10 per leg
2b) DB Row 3 x 15/side

…and then because I was on vacation, I did some arms.

Internet access is severely limited on this ship and is VERY expensive, so I'll be checking in and out periodically but not as often as when I'm at home.

It's funny though, I find that as I'm writing this, the words seem to flow so easily and my thoughts are really very clear. Could it be because I'm looking out at nothing but water and a blue horizon while sitting on a deck of a cruise ship feeling tropical air against my skin?

I doubt it.

I'll be back on Thursday from Key West, Florida with another workout update.

Signing off from somewhere in the middle of the Carribean,

Chris Lopez, RKC

P.S. If I argued enough, I'm sure they would have let me bring my kettlebell on board. If that was the case then I'd be doing some of the advanced fat loss workouts from the TT Kettlebell Revolution.

You can check them out HERE =>The TT Kettlebell Revolution v2.0

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