The “Leave it on the Floor” Circuit – A Kettlebell Workout in Honour of the Cinderella Teams of March Madness

This past weekend was exciting. I'm a HUGE college basketball fan.

In my opinion, there is no other sport more pure, more passionate and more exciting than NCAA college basketball in March.  This is especially true with the lower ranked teams who end up beating one of the national "powerhouses" in a one-and-done format.

 These underdog or "Cinderella" teams usually come out of nowhere to literally SHOCK one of the major schools.

 Cases in point…

 -Murray State sticking it to Vanderbilt in a buzzer beating jumper

-Cornell, from the Ivy league, making to the Sweet 16

-Northern Iowa knocking off the Kansas Jayhawks, the overall #1 seed in the tournament

Guys play their guts out and leave it all on the floor because they know that somebody has to go home when the last buzzer sounds.  


You see emotions run wild – tears & sweat, joy & anger and most importantly UNMEASURABLE INTENSITY.

The best part is that I'm watching this year's tourney with absolutely no allegiance to any team because my favourite team, the North Carolina Tar Heels, didn't make this year's tournament (don't worry, I'm over it now – I just want Duke to lose).

This means that I'm able to enjoy each and every game that I get the opportunity to watch without having to be stressed out by whether or not my team wins or loses.

So in honour of those Cinderella teams, for their hard work, passion and relentless abandon, here is a kettlebell circuit for you to do this week.

I've named it the "Leave it on the Floor" Circuit because that's what you'll do. You'll pour everything you have into 4-6 minutes of intense, sweat-inducing Kettlebell and bodyweight exercises to help you overcome the mountain standing in your way… and yes, there are Mountain Climbers in this circuit.

Win-or-Go-Home, baby!

The "Leave it on the Floor" Circuit

KB Snatch x 15 per arm (alternating arms every 5 reps) 

KB Goblet Squats x 30

Push-Ups x 20

Mountain Climbers x 30

(rest 45-60s if necessary)


KB Snatch x 10 per arm (alternating arms every 5 reps)

KB Goblet Squats x 25

Push-Ups x 15

Mountain Climbers x 20

(rest 45-60s if necessary)

 KB Snatch x 5 per arm

KB Goblet Squats x 20

Push-Ups x 10

Mountain Climbers x 10

(rest 45-60s if necessary)


2-Arm KB Swings x 75 (done in as few sets as possible)


Enjoy the madness,


Chris Lopez, CSCS, CTT





  • Reply January 3, 2012


    Chris – Just found your site today, great work. It’s like your honest and straightforward delivery, your life and personality really come through in your writing, and that’s a good thing. I recently have become more into KB training and I know incorporate it with the basketball players I train. Keep up the momentum, and keep working hard. Best of Luck.

    • Reply January 5, 2012

      Chris Lopez, RKC

      Hi Joe, thanks for reaching out. I’ve been using KBs with the volleyball players that I train and they’ve seen quite a significant increase in power in their lower body since. I will definitely check out your site. Any hoops fan is friend of mine.

  • Reply January 3, 2012


    I meant “I like”….also, always good to come across a basketball fan (if you get a minute check out my site)

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