Michael Jordan & Kettlebells

Michael Jordan, IMHO, is the greatest athlete of all time.
(By the way, IMHO means “In MY Humble Opinion” which I only discovered yesterday thanks to my 14 year old daughter…who also happens to be named after Michael Jordan.)
I don't entirely agree with the life Jordan lived off the court, but his work ethic, dedication and commitment to excellence is unparalleled.
In athletics you have guys that are genetic freaks – athletes that come out of the womb and can jump 40″ even before they learn how to walk.
You also have guys that work their tails off.  Guys who nobody would've given a second look.  Guys whose coaches have dismissed onto the bench and only get a chance when the number 1 option goes down.  Tom Brady comes to mind.
Then you have guys who are athletically gifted AND who work hard.  Athletes who put their time in.  Who come to the gym early and are the last ones to leave.  Athletes who won't settle for second best and whose drive to be Number 1 is so great that nothing can stand in their way.
That's why I hold Michael Jordan in such high regard.  Naturally gifted as an athlete, he didn'trest on his laurels.  Athletically alone, he would've been an NBA player.  With his work ethic, he became the G.O.A.T.  (Greatest Of All Time).

So when his name became eligible to be inducted in the basketball Hall Of Fame, he was a shoe-in and ended up being a unanimous vote.
OK, so where am I going with this and what does this have to do with kettlebells?
Well, I have a 45-year-old client named Bruce.
Bruce is your average, run of the mill orthodontist who happend to be scarred by the fitness industry prior to meeting me.
When I say scarred, I mean that both literally and figuratively.
Two years before meeting me, Bruce was working out with a trainer at a trendy gym here in Toronto.
One day while his trainer was checking his Blackberry, Bruce dislocated BOTH shoulders while overhead pressing a weight he had no business carrying…let alone pressing overhead.
Off to the hospital they went.  Out of commission for 6 months was Bruce.  Scarred, not only in his shoulders as he tore 3 of his 4 rotator cuff muscles, but by the whole notion of fitness and strength training altogether.
Bruce and I were introduced by a mutual friend, and now – 2 years after starting with me – Bruce is doing Get-Ups with a 28kg kettlebell.
He is also doing pressing ladders with a 24kg.
And he's got a set of abs that he's never seen before.
There was a lot Bruce had to overcome before he could let his guard down and start to trust me as a trainer.  But since that time, his results have sky-rocketed.

That's why Bruce will be the first client that I feature in my new Client Hall Of Fame (it's being built on the website and will go live in the next couple of weeks).

See I've been so overwhelmed and humbled by the responses and specifically the comments that I've been getting on the survey that I sent out earlier in the week, that I'd like to feature you on my Client Hall of Fame.
So if you'd like to be my next featured client…
If you have a story of how kettlebells have changed your life for the better, I want to hear from you.
Please let me feature you on my website and blog so that you can inspire others with your story.
Send me a picture (Before and After pictures would be even better) and tell me about yourself and your story.
Even better – if you're up to it – would be to send me a video of you talking about your story.
Don't know what to say?
Answer any or all of these questions…
-What was the biggest obstacle you faced before you started training with KBs?
-What results have you had since you started training with KBs?
-What feature do you love the most about KBs or my KB programming?
-What are 3 other benefits that you've experienced using KBs?
-Would recommend training with KBs to a friend?  If yes, why?
-Any other comments that you'd like to add
Like I said, I'm humbled by the positive responses and comments and so I'd like to give back and help you.
I want you to be the superstar.
Thank you for everything,
P.S. If you want to get going on the program that Bruce used to get him stronger and that got him the abs that he's never seen before, then HERE's where to go…

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