Monday Morning Kettlebell Quarterback


The Giants getting scored on...again.

As some of you already know, my wife and I expecting baby #5 sometime in the next few days.  If you have kids or are expecting a child soon, then you'll know that there is a lot of prep to do prior to the little bambino's arrival.

Just this past weekend, we spent time doing loads of laundry for the baby's new clothes, putting together a new dresser, dusting off and cleaning car seats, high chairs and other baby paraphenelia, etc.

Usually I'll make the most of the weekend by watching the football game, but this past Sunday, I took no pleasure folding laundry while watching my “New York Football Giants” get their clocks cleaned by the New Orleans Saints. (Not to worry.  We'll see who's left standing in January.)

My point is, that when you're busy – whether you have kids, or a thriving business that needs your attention, or urgent matters that you need to tend to, or other things of significance that you find important – working out and staying lean, although it may be a priority in your life, will sometimes have to take a backseat.

Now that doesn't mean that you neglect yourself entirely and NOT train and let your diet go out the window. It just means that some other things may have to take priority over your time every now and then.

If you were one of the lucky ones who picked up the TT Kettlebell Revolution Package in early September, then you also received the Original 10-Minute KB workout eBook.cb-10mkw-ebook2-2

I've had to turn to the 10-minute workouts in that book quite often over the past 2 weeks just because it's been so hectic.

The thing with me though, is that I have a tendency of getting bored really easily, so when that happens, I like to come up with new ways to get as much work in as I can in 10-minutes.

Now let me preface this by saying that when I construct my workouts (and yours as well), I ALWAYS try to incorporate more pulling movements than pushing movements.

The reason is because most of us already are “anterior dominant”.  A lot of the clients and people that I work with have been engulfed by the bodybuilding culture for so many years that they've focused solely on the muscles they see in the mirror.

As a result, they've got really tight pecs and a forward-leaning posture.  If you couple that with the fact mostly everyone works in front of a computer now (where our hands are in front of us and we're hunched forward while working on our keyboards), then doing more pushing movements that will only further tighten our pecs and shoulders, doesn't really make sense.

So I try to incorporate a lot of exercises for the upper/mid-back in the form of rowing and pulling exercises.

Here's a workout that I did yesterday that you should definitely try…

Goblet Squats

-Dynamic Warm-Up of “Rise & Shines”, Push-ups & Reverse Lunges (I did 2 circuits of 10 reps for each exercise)

1) Goblet Squats (AMAP x 30s) – see picture LEFT
2) Push-Ups (AMAP x 30s)
3) 1-Arm 2-Point KB Row (15 reps/side)
4) Reverse Lunges holding a KB in the Overhead position (10 reps per side)
5) Mountain Climbers (30 reps)
6) 2-Arm KB Swings (30 reps)

If you dissect that circuit, you'll see that it covers a lot of natural movements – a bilateral squat, a push, a pull, a unilateral lunging movement, some type of ab exercise and a metabolic component.

Training this way – covering basic movement patterns and incorporating some type of ab and metabolic training – gives you all you need to stay in shape when you're busy.

So drop the bodypart split routines already and get off the elliptical machine.  Kettlebell training is more efficient – it gets you results faster AND in less time.

-Chris, the soon-to-be Father of 5 and your TT Kettlebell Revolution Expert

P.S. Have you picked-up your copy of the TT Kettlebell Revolution yet?  Get started with the most efficient and effective home fat loss training program available TODAY!

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  • Reply October 19, 2009


    5 kids! Wow, Congratulations! I’m looking to incorporate kettlebells into my workouts however they seem to be so expensive! I would love some guidance as to what a good deal is on kettlebells, that way I know I am getting the most of my money! Thanks, you are an inspiration! If you can keep fit with all those kids anyone can!

    • Reply October 21, 2009

      Chris Lopez, CSCS, CTT

      Thanks for the kind words and well wishes.

      I know that you can get KBs through, but I’m not sure how competitive they are with pricing. Where do you live? You can usually find some off your local Craigslist.

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  • Reply October 19, 2009


    Congrats Chris! I knew you were expecting #5, I just wasn’t sure when. Thannk you for another great circuit! Your workouts are good for me since I get bored very easily too. Thanks again.

    CSRunner: I found my kettlebell at a pretty reasonable rate here I got what I needed and very quickly. Even with the shipping my kettlebell was still less than the cheapest kettlebell I’d found anywhere else.

  • Reply October 19, 2009


    Nice workout. I like how you design this workout. I dont know much about kettlebell. But, I design simaliar routines.

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  • Reply October 19, 2009

    Daniel Nätterdal

    Congratulations Chris. Children is wonderful.

    Great circuit.

    I bought the TT-Kettlebell Revolution program together with my brother.
    And I must say I like it so far. The last week I did the Advanced Challenge Phase1 in under 12 minutes, 10m 50s to be exact. I’m pretty proud of that result.
    But I believe that the muscle program is more the thing I’m looking for. At this moment I’m airbrushing my kettlebells cause I’m kind of sick so if I can’t train with them at least I can take care of them 🙂

    Love your system so far and I believe I will with the muscle program too.

    • Reply October 21, 2009

      Chris Lopez, CSCS, CTT

      thanks, Daniel. You’ve got to send me the pictures of your airbrush job on the KBs! do you have any specific designs on them?

  • Reply October 19, 2009


    That gives me an idea. How about coming up with a 4 week exercise routine for women who’ve just had a kid? Moms like me would love you forever! 😀

    • Reply October 20, 2009


      Mm. Chris’ wife could be a guinea pig for the program. 😉

      • Reply October 21, 2009

        Chris Lopez, CSCS, CTT

        Great idea, guys! I’ll work on it as soon as my wife is ready to start training. stay tuned.

  • Reply October 19, 2009

    Jerry Sherck

    Full body workouts are the way to go, especially if you have little time and want big results!! Good luck with the new one coming!!!

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  • Reply October 19, 2009

    alan berniard

    Congrats on #5.!!!Love the workouts. Also love the Saints, since I am from New Orleans. Y’all come on back any time. And don’t be surprised if you’re watching US in January!!!!

    • Reply October 21, 2009

      Chris Lopez, CSCS, CTT

      hahah, Alan. i guess you and I will be talking a lot in January. I honestly can’t believe how well the Saints are playing this year. If the season ended right now, Drew Brees would be a lock for MVP!

  • Reply October 19, 2009


    Good stuff, Chris, and congrats on #5 (wow!)

  • Reply October 19, 2009


    Thanks Chris

    I needed this. I’m currently increasing my bench, squat and deadlift and I needed to increase my upper body posterior work. I’m doing this on my off days.

    Keep them comming

  • Reply December 10, 2009


    congrats on baby #5

    i really do like full body owrkouts like the ones you’re creating.Problem is that i practice & play soccer 3 times a week, which leaves no time for me to train my legs(i mean resisitance or wieght training),considering the fact that on the off days my lower body (hamstrings &quads…etc) are recovering from previous “soccer game” or “practice session”, and that leaves me no chice but to do some multi-joint upper body exercises to get most of resistance training, what do u think?

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