[VID] Movement=Performance=Fat Loss


This past weekend, I spent 5 hours teaching a Hardstyle Kettlebell Workshop to a bunch of trainers who were interested in becoming StrongFirst Certified.

A local gym asked me to come and talk about SFG and what to expect.

In my opinion, the workshop went really well, BUT it wasn't what they expected.

See, a few of them did a “kettlebell workshop” the weekend before and it was taught differently.

Where the instructor at the previous workshop peppered the attendees with exercise after exercise after exercise, I just talked about the 6 Essential Hardstyle Drills and how to maximize the effectiveness of each one.

Where the other instructor likened the kettlebell to “just a piece of external resistance”, I taught them to make the kettlebell part of their body.

And where the other instructor told them that the variety of exercises he was teaching would result in their clients coming back for more, I told them that using 6 exercises would make them stronger, allow them to perform better and – incidentally – adaptation in the form of strength, fat loss and muscle would occur.

All from focusing on performing better with your kettlebell.

In fact, as I said above, focusing on performance in your kettlebell lifts and mastering the skill of each lift leads to a myriad of benefits.

Are you interested in boosting your performance in your training?

If there's one thing I am sure of, it's that better performance = a better looking body.

Increasing your performance can be tough unless you have the right program to follow.

Lucky for you my buddy and Functional Training Expert Tyler just sent me a video on what he considers the lost secret to constantly boosting your performance.

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