My Sunday Kettlebell Training Diet

Blue Blood runs in the family

I'm writing this as I watch the Baltimore Ravens final drive to the end zone in the AFC conference championship game.

I'm also stuffing a delicious cocoa-almond biscotti in my mouth.

It's football day and since we don't have cable TV at home, we trekked out to the subburbs to take advantage of my mother-in-law's hospitality (and her 52″ flatscreen TV) to watch the New-York-Football-Giants game.

This morning I partook in an intense kettlebell and bodyweight workout where I practiced some clean & presses, did a double KB circuit and then worked on some front levers to finish.

When I got home, the entire house was up and so we all had our hand in making a delicious breakfast of buttermilk pancakes (made from scratch with raw buttermilk), all-natural bacon and some fresh sliced mangoes and strawberries.

Sundays usually mean a lot of pancakes, some bacon, maybe a pizza for lunch and then finishing with some pasta and a ceasar salad…and a bunch of snacks in between.

When we cook, we always use natural ingredients and grass-fed meat and we always try to make/bake our snacks from scratch.

But pancakes are still pancakes, pizza is still pizza and potato chips are still potato chips.

They're all calorically dense foods that – and I'm being real here – don't have all that much nutritional value.

And so this is my practice every single Sunday during the winter (because after the Superbowl, there's still NBA and college basketball) – eating whatever I want and still staying lean and most importantly, NOT FEELING GUILTY ABOUT IT.

I'm not telling you this to rub things in, nor am I trying to gloat about how genetically blessed I am to have a great metabolism.

Because I'm not.

In fact, I have horrible muscle building genetics and I'd say that over half of my extended family members are overweight (sorry if you're in my extended family and you're reading this, but it's the truth).

But I've found a system that works for me.

It's called Intermittent Fasting and I've been practicing it since 2007 when I first met my friend Brad Pilon, the man who introduced me to IF.

=>Brad Pilon's Intermittent Fasting System, EatSTOPEat

Living the IF lifestyle allows me to eat whatever I want, whenever I want and like I said before I DON'T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT.

That point (the one about not feeling guilty anymore about eating certain foods) is huge and in Brad's book, EatSTOPEat, he shows you how to eat, how to build muscle and burn fat while eating whatever you want and why his system works for even the most undisciplined eater (like me).

Now I don't advocate eating pizza, pancakes and potato chips everyday because that's just silly. But I don't believe in depriving yourself of foods that you want to eat on occasion, especially if you have kids like I do.

And so when somebody asks me, “What kind of diet should I be on when I train with kettlebells?”, I just point them in Brad's direction and then get on with eating my cheesecake.

Wow, the Patriots just won on a shanked field goal by the Baltimore kicker. Great game, but poor guy.

Go Big Blue.

-Chris Lopez, RKC

P.S. Please stop feeling guilty about eating occasional foods like burgers & onion rings. Pick-up your copy of EatSTOPEat and learn how Brad's System can work for you.

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