NEW VIDEO: Double Clean & Burpee Finisher

 I’m just about to wrap things up for the day here at Headquarters – which could be any number of indie espresso shops here in the Greater Toronto Area.

Before I take off and digitally disconnect for the weekend, I wanted to make sure that I posted this video for you.  As requested (from various Facebook friends and Twitterers – is that what you call them?), it’s another "finisher" using double-KB cleans and full body explosive bodyweight exercise – the burpee.

I’ve organized it in a ladder format with very little rest (actually none).  So you’ll do 5 cleans and then 5 burpees (you don’t have to start at "5", pick a number conducive to your level) and then work your way down the ladder by doing 1 rep less than the previous set.  when you hit "1" of each, climb right back up the ladder to your original number.

This is also a great quick workout if you only have less than 10 minutes to train.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think….



Have an awesome weekend!



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    Great work-out program for someone like me – too much to do & not enough time to do it.Have a Great Weekend.


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    Mike Eves

    Nice one Chris:

    This sort of stuff is so much better than the facade you see going on at commercial gyms these days. i.e. the Bicep curls, tricep kick-back, protein shake, “fat burning zone” (doh!) nonsense (whilst texting to their mates). Anybody doing bicep curls in front of a mirror should be laughed at.

    Well done Chris and keep up the great work (it does get read and the workouts do get done!)

    Mike Eves (United Kingdom)

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    Alicia Streger

    Nice job Chris…I like it!!

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    Amanda Tasi

    Keeping me motivated as always, thanks!

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    You’re lookin’ MEGA lean these days, Chris!! Congrats on all your hard work and thanks for sharing with us!

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    Nice video…thanks!

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    Bernadette Chilvers

    Hi Chris,
    Can you tell me exactly what does the kettle bell swing actually do for your body?

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    That’s just mean!

    …I’m going to give it a shot tonight

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    Would love to try this but I only have a 16 and 20 kg..Can I still do it? Or maybe just single cleans switch sides then burpees?

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