2013 -> The Year to Achieve ALL Of Your Goals!

What did you do to ring in 2013?    2013

Did you – like I did – take a look back at 2012 to see if you did and got all you wanted from it?

Let’s cut to the chase…

2013 has arrived.

The world did NOT end on December 21st like what the Mayans predicted and so we ARE about to embark on YOUR best year ever.


Because this is the year that you’re going to achieve all your goals.

This is the year you are going to quit the gym and stop wasting your money.

You’re going to start training SIMPLER by using just your kettlebells and your own body.

You’re going to start eating REAL food and taking responsibility for your health and your family’s health.

And I’m going to help.


I’m going to give you my TT Kettlebell Revolution v2.0 System for only $20.13. 

Yes, that’s Twenty Dollars and Thirteen Cents.

=>Click HERE to get TTKB v2.0 for $20.13 <=This link goes straight to the shopping cart…no Sales page…NO MORE EXCUSES.


That’s the lowest price I have EVER offered my program for.

Why am I doing this?

Because I genuinely want to help you.

You see, I’ve changed my outlook for 2013.

I know that for me to accomplish my mission of helping one million people lose fat and get their best body ever by only training with kettlebells, that I have to get my program in as many hands as possible and make it as accessible as possible.


When you pick up my program, you become part of my Inner Circle.  This means that you get an incredible amount of support from me  and my team and I give you all the tools you need to start (and stay) using kettlebells for the rest of your life (not to mention other perks like exclusive videos, personal coaching and special offers).

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to press 1/2 your bodyweight with one arm or to lose 20lbs or to finally get six-pack abs.

The fastest, simplest and most efficient way to do that is to train with kettlebells exclusively (you’ll see).

Thousands of people that have used TTKB v2.0 know this already.

They’re healthier, they move better and they look better.

So join me and my mission to make 2013 our best year ever…

=>Start 2013 off right with the TT Kettlebell Revolution System v2.0 – ONLY $20.13

Join me in my mission and become part of my Inner Circle.

Let me help you achieve your goals and make 2013 your best year ever.

Have an awesome New Year!


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