Only 2 Exercises In This Workout

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So a lot of you have been asking what I've been doing for my workout lately, so I filmed a video of me training.
A few things about the video…
  1. There's no commentary.  Sorry, but I like to stay focused.
  2. This workout only has 2 “bang-for-your-buck” exercises.  In truth, I probably could have just done 1 exercise for the whole workout.
  3. Notice my set-up for the KB stuff is identical each time.  Having the same set up routine triggers FOCUS in me to try to make each rep more perfect than the next.
  4. There's hip hop music playing in the background, although I've been experimenting with listening to classical while I train.

I'm using THIS PROGRAM right now with a slight modification (with permission from my coach).

Check out the video HERE and if you think you know, leave a comment and tell me why I should add more exercises to the routine.

I don't think I should, but you may have a different opinion.

Have an awesome day,

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  • Reply October 24, 2013

    Larry Richelli

    I can’t afford Geoff’s program but I would bet it is something like this. I am doing almost the same workout 2 or 3 times a week but I don’t have rings so I am doing it on a bar. Thanks for this.

  • Reply January 23, 2014


    Clean & Presses and Chins are my staple strength exercises and the cornerstone of my workout so I loved this.

    I tend to throw in some goblet squats to a warm up and then a set of inverted rows and push ups or dips for a finisher but these are not pushed hard.

    The clean and press and chin up hit everything pretty hard in my book!

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