Part 3 of 3: How To Apply Dead Stop Reps to your Training

by: Ric Garcia, SFGII, SFB, SFL, Original Strength Instructor

OK, you watched the video and hopefully subscribed to the channel (not so shameless plug) because I plan on loading it with awesome stuff, so now we can talk about where to add this into your training.

You can add DSRs in to either supplement the strength training you are already doing…


You can spend some time with dead stop training being your primary form of ballistic kettlebell training.

Here is an example of how you can do that…

If you’re scheduled to do 10 sets of 10 two hand swings with a 24kg…

Instead, try doing 10 sets of 5 dead stop swings with a focus on accelerating the kettlebell as hard as possible on each rep with the same size kettlebell.

Sure, you may be doing only half the volume, but for many, you will feel like you are doing TWICE the work.

Add one or two sets each week without the quality of your reps being effected until you work up to the same volume as you were doing with your traditional ballistic movements.

Below is another example of how to implement this into your more advanced kettlebell training:

If you are doing a double kettlebell complex that calls for 3 Rounds of…

  • 5 Swings
  • 5 Clean + Press
  • 5 Front Squats

INSTEAD, try out the following for the same number of rounds…

  • 3 Dead Stop Swings
  • 3 Dead Stop Clean + Press
  • 5 Front Squats

Here's how you can use DSRs to assist with your strength training…

Let’s say you are on a barbell Deadlift cycle and you feel like you are having trouble moving the bar off the ground.

Often this is where people struggle to produce enough force to move the weight and where DSRs can help big time.

Here's the PROTOCOL…

Take the heaviest bell you can swing for 5 challenging traditional swings and do 3 to 5 sets of 3 dead stop reps before your barbell DL or 10 sets of 3 on a separate day.

This is a great way to train speed and acceleration which has a great carry over to the DL.

Try out Dead Stop Reps in your training next time you are set to swing, clean or snatch.

You will find the reps tough and may find yourself enjoying your kettlebell ballistics a little more than you did before because of the new and added challenge.

If you do like this little tweak or if you want to know more about different ways to implement DSRs into your training leave a comment or keep a look out for more articles in the near future.

Have a STRONG day!!!


Ric Garcia, SFGII, SFB, SFL, OSS - Modesto, CA

I love to move, read and blast hip hop & rock when I’m lifting barbells or swinging kettlebells and I am hoping my little munchkins grow up to do the same. Other than long walks on the beach, my idea of a perfect day consists of training outside next to my wife and baby girls and eating some homemade food while lying on the ground and enjoying the sun. I am trying to teach my girls that being a good neighbour is one of the easiest ways to create positive change in the city they live in and if you are ever find yourself in California on a Friday, swing by for Family Fun Day and we can lift together in front of my home.

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