Priority When You Workout

Here's something interesting that I read in the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown (one of, if not THE best book that I've read so far in 2014)…

“The word priority came into the English language in the 1400s.

It was singular.

It meant the very first or prior thing.

It stayed singular for the next five hundred years.

Only in the 1900s did we pluralize the term and start talking about priorities. Illogically, we reasoned that by changing the word we could bend reality.

Somehow we would now be able to have multiple “first” things. People and companies routinely try to do just that.”

The problem is that even though this gives the impression of many things being the priority, the reality is that NOTHING REALLY WAS.

Think about that from a training perspective…

  • I want to put on 10lbs of muscle
  • I want to dunk a basketball
  • I want to drop 4 inches from my waist line and get 6-pack


  • I want to run a sub 4hr marathon
  • I want to deadlift 400lbs

…now let's think about the commonality amongst all those goals.

Truth be told, if you were to just work on one quality of training all of those “priorities” would improve dramatically.


=>Make STRENGTH your priority with the Kettlebell Evolution Program

The stronger you are, the more weight you can lift, the higher the volume, the longer the time under tension, the more muscle you build.

The stronger you are, the more power you can generate, the higher you'll jump.

The stronger you are, the more weight you can lift, the more overall work you can do, the more the metabolic demand, the more fat you will burn.

The stronger you are, the more force you will exert into the ground, the faster your legs will turnover and the faster you'll run.

“Strength makes almost everything better” – Mark Reifkind, Master SFG

Listen I'm not one to tell you what to do, but the biggest mistake that I see with people that workout today is that there is no focus on STRENGTH in their programming.

In all honesty, if you just focused on consistently improving your strength and ate a REAL FOOD diet, your physique will take care of itself – and I am talking about the Holy Grail of the fitness world

…Burning fat while simultaneously building muscle.

So be real with what your priorities and goals are.

And ask yourself if getting STRONG will help you get there.

If you put all the mass-media garbage aside, I'm sure the answer will be yes.

And if your answer is YES, you can get a program to help you HERE.

Have an awesome day,


P.S. The Kettlebell Evolution is about achieving “incidental” fat loss. That means that we focus on getting stronger and the fat loss just “happens”. After 8-weeks you'll look at yourself in the mirror and say, “What the heck happened?” This is the WTH effect of good kettlebell programming and you can get it with

my Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss Program HERE.

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