QnA Friday: Double KBs and Is Krill Oil Better Than Fish Oil?

There's never a dull moment in this house.
As you'll see in today's QnA video below, I'm not one for crappy weather.
But at the same time, I know that of all the things that are in my control, the weather is not one of them.  So complain, I will no longer.
Instead, I'd like to share with you the Spring poem that my wife wrote on her blog…
Rain, rain, rain it's time to leave us be
Go water the stone, blossom, and tree
We are soaked to the bone, the roof has a leak
Will the sun warm us up by the end of next week???
(Based on true events.)
Yep, we found a massive leak in the roof in the girls' room.  Not just any leak, a “Daddy-it-sounds-like-it's-raining-in-my-room” leak.  Good times.
Anyway, in today's QnA you learn…
1. The difference between Krill Oil and Fish Oil; 
2. My thoughts on using 2 different sized kettlebells for double kettlebell training and; 
3. Which suspension trainer – Blast Straps, Jungle Gym XT or TRX – I think is the best
Just click the video below to get your questions answered…



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  • Reply April 12, 2013


    Not sure I agree with you Chris regarding suspension trainer preference…..The JG XT has greater adaptability as it’s two individual straps allows a close or wide position, as opposed to the TRX which has one central mounted fixed point. It’s half the cost of a TRX (well here in England it is) and every bit as robust (don’t know how you broke yours at the gym?). The TRX doesn’t have the stirrups for single leg work and as for the straps hanging down, well it’s never bothered me .Having said all that, it is an opinion, my opinion, as you have yours, people will be for one or the other, the point being, Suspension training is a great form of training and snuggles up nicely with KB training.

    all the best

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