QnA: The Best Time Of Day To Workout

It's been a bittersweet week for me.

On Wednesday, AJ – my oldest baby – turned 15. I'm having a hard time with the whole notion that I'm the father of a 15 year old.

I'm having a hard time thinking that in just 4 short years she'll be leaving us to travel or to go to school (I personally hope she chooses the former).

Nonetheless, she's growing up to be a very compassionate and self-directed young lady that I am proud to call my daughter.

Then yesterday, I found out that my old highschool basketball coach passed away from a heart attack while he was playing basketball.  “Big Red”, as we fondly called him, was hardly 50 years old.  He was a very big guy.  So big that if you draped a white sheet over his shoulders, you could watch a feature length movie on his back.  I always talk about how I was influenced by many great coaches in my life and that's the reason why I give back.  Rick Maloney is one of those coaches.  Rest in Peace, my friend.

I was able to get to the gym and do some deadlifting, some get upping and some snatching.

Great day altogether. The gym was a little busier than I like it to be – seriously, buddy, do you really need to be doing burpees on the deadlifting platform? – but I managed to find a corner and keep to myself while I did my pulls and get-ups.

Lately I've been focusing on doing multiple sets of 2-3 get-ups with the 32kg kettlebell. The more I do get-ups – and I've been doing them for a while – the more I like them.

My deadlift numbers just keep on going up and they're getting easier and easier. If you remember back in January I set the goal for myself to hit 405lbs by the end of the year. If I stay healthy, that may come faster than I anticipated.

Earlier today while I was at a family party, I managed to cut out for a few minutes to film an important QnA on the blog.

In today's video we cover….

1) The best time of day to train.

2) What I do for cardio.

3) Tabata research and why it isn't valid for people like you and me.

You can watch that video below…

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