Road To The RKC – Week 1: Off to the Concrete Jungle

***Editor's Note: Each week I will be posting my thoughts on training for my upcoming RKC certification course in Orlando in October. These are pretty much just unstructured random thoughts on my training and how I'm adapting to a different routine.***


I got back to training yesterday and was incredibly conservative.  With my back and my hip flexor feeling pretty close to 100%, I didn't want to push myself on the first day back.  So I limited the volume and really worked on practicing my technique on my kettlebell lifts and limiting myself to only 2 sets of the bodyweight movements.


Yesterday's training session looked like this…

1) KB Snatch – 5×5 with a 24kg KB resting 60s between sets

2a) Chin-Ups x 2 sets (12 & 10)

2b) Get Ups x 2 sets of 5 with a 16kg KB

3) Handstand 2 sets x 30s

That was it for the workout, but after the foam rolling, static stretching (for my hip flexors & hamstrings especially), and the activation work that I did beforehand the workout ended up being around 40 minutes.

I have 11 weeks to prepare, so I'm really going to build and make sure that I don't hurt myself.  

My next workout day is planned for today so I will be doing some snatches again and then probably some rowing and practicing my military presses and then will finish with more isometric work – probably walking around with 2 KBs overhead for time.

That workout will be done tonight so that I can wake myself up for a long overnight drive.

My challenge for this week will be my scheduling. See we're off to New York City tonight to spend the weekend visiting some family and friends and to just "vacate".  With the RKC prep program that I'm following, my main training days are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so I'll be bringing a KB with me to use while we're away.

We're driving there overnight so that the kids can sleep and my wife and I can get some quiet time.  That means my  "clock" will really get thrown off.  But, if you've ever done an 8-9 hour road trip with kids, then you know what I mean.

As a family, we're really looking forward to this trip. The kids love the city, so much so that my #3 daughter (Frankie) calls herself "Frankie from New York".

it'll be nice to get away and just be in a new environment.  It looks, though, like I'll be up at 5am (as usual) training while everyone is asleep.

I'll be sure to shoot some video while I'm there, so stay tuned.


p.s. I think it's pretty awesome that I can travel with a "gym" – my kettlebell – in my car and train where ever I want. If you need a "do anywhere" workout solution, check out the TT Kettlebell Revolution

=>For "Do-Anywhere" Workouts, click HERE


  • Reply August 5, 2010

    bob tidwell

    Good your tavelimg by car with kettle bell ,security people at airports freak out when you try to carry on kb

  • Reply August 5, 2010

    Simon Young

    Hey Chris,
    Great post. The car journey will provide superb mental focus training in prep for your RKC 🙂
    Drive safe!

  • Reply August 5, 2010

    Alicia Streger

    Hey Chris-
    Good luck with all your training! I’ll actually be assisting at the Oct cert- so I am looking forward to meeting you! A little advice is to toughen up your hands. The hummidity down here is brutal and will wear your hands faster than in other conditions. Let me know if you need anything!
    Alicia Streger, RKC

  • Reply August 5, 2010


    we used to do that when the kids were young–drive straight thru to our destination while they slept.

    Did you ever get a chance to check out the powerblock KB’s ? Have a good one.

  • Reply August 5, 2010


    Great post Chris, keep it up

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