Road To The RKC – Weeks 2 & 3 (and a bit of 4)

 Here's a video that I filmed at Washington Square in NYC to sum up Week 2 of my RKC prep….


And here's a video of my #4 daughter (and my #3 joining in) in her delirious state after 10 hours of walking the streets of NYC…


Week 3 was a bit of a challenge because we had a lot of stuff going on – high priority, emergency family kind of stuff.  It was very stressful and for me, usually when the stress hits, I'm uber focused on what's stressing me and neglect (almost) everything else.

I plugged through nonetheless.  I had to decrease the volume a lot and wasn't able to perform a snatch test on Friday like I had originally planned.  My mentality last week was "doing something is better than doing nothing".

Into this week though, I'm really happy.  My first 2 workouts of the week went really well again, lots of practicing the snatch while I was fresh, using low reps and lots of rest.  Then I would add in some essential exercises.  My first 2 workouts of the week looked like this…


1) Snatch 5 reps per arm x 10 sets w/3 mins rest in between sets

2a) Chin-Ups (3 sets of 12, 10 & 8)

2b) Pistols (3 sets of 8)


1) Snatch 5 reps x 5 sets per arm done "on the minute" x 7 minutes (So I would set my timer to ring every minute and would perform my snatches and then rest for the remaining time).

2a) Military Press (3 sets x 5, 5 & 8 using the 24kg)

2b) Rows (3 x 15 using the 24kg)

Now that I look back at it, I think I'll combine the Chins and the Rows in the same workout on the first day and do the Military Presses and Pistols on the next day.  I'd do this just to give my pulling muscles an extra day of recovery.

Also, the "on the minute" snatches were pretty intense so I'd also move that to the first day to give me enough recovery for the 5-minute snatch test that I do every Friday.

Some of the other things that have been working for me as of late are:

-Taking a teaspoon of Benefiber, 2 Glucosamine caps and 2 Fish Oil caps every night before I go to sleep. (I read this on Mike Boyle's blog and it's made me about as regular as the mailman, but I'm feeling great!)

-Meditating for 30-minutes after every workout

-Waiting as long as I can to eat after my workout to really take advantage of the hGH surge (I usually can wait about 60-90 minutes before I start chomping on my arm)

-I started using creatine as well (on the advice of my buddy Brad Pilon) to help with recovery. I've never taken it before, so we'll see how it works out.

That's it for now.  I'll have more about how the rest of the week plays out and more tips for you that have been working for me.


So today is a welcomed rest day and I'm feeling really good.  I'm also looking a lot leaner.


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  • Reply August 21, 2010


    Chris, take my advice. Don’t worry about pistols, chin up’s and row. They are not park of RKC level 1. Stick to practicing the swings, squat, clean, press, get up (this is the big one), and the snatch (including snatch test).

    If I seem to be nagging, I am:) Don’t complicate things.

    If you talk to Dave Whitely Master RKC he will tell you to just practice swings, get ups and snatch test every Friday morning. That’s it. Oh and make sure your hips are open and they extend fully. That’s it.

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