Single KettleBell Workout You Can Do Today

Last week I mentioned that I missed my double kettlebells. I have only been using a single kettlebell since my big move.

Well I caved in and ordered a pair of double 24s from DragonDoor (they have the best quality KBs in my opinion).

I'll have them shipped to the hotel in Denver that I'm staying in at the end of the month and bring them back to Costa Rica from there.

Truthfully, I really wanted double 28s. But when I realized how much the airline would charge me for having oversized luggage, it wouldn't have made sense for me to bring them over.

So when I get home, I'm going to restart the STRONG program from Kettlebell Strong using the Double 24s, but combining the presses with double front squats.

That's not to say that I'm not enjoying the single kettlebell work that I've been doing here though.

In fact, single KB work will…

-help you correct your asymmetries to bring both sides of your body up equally

-it will help you plug any holes or leaks in your technique

-force you to use your stabilizers more because of the off-set loading

THIS is the Single Kettlebell Program that I suggest you follow to learn technique, get stronger and drop some inches off your waist.

Here's a single kettlebell workout that I've been using 3 days per week for the past few weeks with my 32kg kettlebell (you can use whatever size you like)…

Set your timer for 20 minutes and do each set at the top of the minute…

20 x swings
10 x rocking push-ups
20 x swings
9 x rocking push-ups
20 x swings
8 x rocking push-ups
20 x swings
7 x rocking push-ups
20 x swings
6 x rocking push-ups
20 x swings
5 x rocking push-ups
20 x swings
4 x rocking push-ups
20 x swings
3 x rocking push-ups
20 x swings
2 x rocking push-ups
20 x swings
1 x rocking push-up

When it's all said and done, you would have done 200 swings and 55 OS-Style Rocking Push-ups.

Mind you, you probably don't want to start with 20 swings because you want each of the 200 reps to be snappy and explosive.

So I would start somewhere around 7-12 per set making each rep of your swings be as explosive as the first one.

I really like this workout because you get both a squat pattern (in the rocking push-up) and a hinge pattern (with the swing).

And if you do 1-arm swings instead of 2-arm, you get a resist and twist element to your training (remember my email last week about the Core 7 that are essential to EVERY program you do).

The only thing missing from this workout, really, is some kind of single-leg/gait pattern.

So I would tackle that pattern with some loaded carries or some fasted early-AM rucking a couple times per week.

Give this workout a shot and let me know what you think.

And remember to build yourself up gradually to 20 swings.


Float that kettlebell.

Have a great day,

P.S. Click HERE to get my favourite Single KB Program.

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