Strength=Fat Loss. Here’s Why…

While I was sitting in my living room taking in the football games with my family yesterday – another relaxing Sunday – I loved watching how strategic Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos coaching staff was when playing the New England Patriots Defence.

A lot of the time, especially during longer drives, Manning would use a no-huddle or “hurry-up” offence to really challenge the conditioning of his opponents.

You see, playing in Denver, Colorado where the elevation is 5,280 feet (hence the name “Mile High Stadium”) the air is thin and the oxygen is depleted and so opponents struggle with being able to maintain their power.

It is genius really because the Broncos are used to training in that environment and so they're acclimated to those conditions and their bodies are used to being pushed when the oxygen is low and the air is thin.

The Patriots defence, on the other hand, looked tired and defeated and ran for the supplemental oxygen tanks as soon as they could get off the field – which, given the fact that the Broncos scored on all of their drives, except 1 – wasn't often.

That defence was dog tired and as a result, their power endurance waned.

Power endurance plays such a critical role in every sport.  Your ability to exert maximal effort multiple times without getting fatigued is the essence of sport (and life, IMO).

This is why the kettlebell ballistics are perfect for developing lasting power and why it's built into your training when you do your swings, snatches & cleans.

You see, under absolutely no circumstances should you ever turn a ballistic exercise into a “grind”.

What do I mean by that?

Well, imagine you're doing a set of 20 swings, but after about 10 it starts to get difficult.  And by rep 15 your hip snap isn't as explosive and you're clearly trying to lift your kettlebell with your upper body more so than actually “floating it” like you should be by using your hips.

If that's the case, then you're actually doing more harm than good.  You're using muscles that you're not supposed to be using and risking injury.

So what if the program says “do 10 reps”?  If those are 20, low-quality, crappy reps then you've completely missed the point of training for the desired effect.

You see when we train using swings (or snatches or cleans) we need to be explosive.  Being explosive recruits those big, bang-for-your-buck muscle fibres (your fast-twitch or type IIX fibres) that require the most energy.

Recruiting muscles that require more energy means you're burning more calories.

And if you're maximizing tension at the top of every swing like I showed you last week, then you're using even more energy.

Being Explosive = Using Big Muscles = More Energy Required = More Calories Burned = More Fat Lost Without Training Until You Throw Up

My favourite way to ensure you can maximize your power and make sure that you're maximizing your energy expenditure is to use the “on-the-minute” method for your ballistics.

This is the method that I use for the Finisher element in The KB Evolution Advanced Fat Loss System

The “On-The-Minute” protocol rewards your for being explosive by increasing your rest time the faster you finish the set.

Basically, you're doing a set of ballistics every time the clock hits the “:00” mark.  Once you're finished the set, you park your KB(s) and wait until the clock hits “:00” again.

So for example, if your program calls for 10 minutes of 10 swings “on the minute”, you start your stopwatch and perform 10 explosive swings.  Once you're done, you put the kettlebells down until the clock hits this “9:00” mark and then you perform another set of 10 explosive swings.

The more explosive you are, the more time you have to recover.

The more recovery, the more FRESH your muscles will be.

The more FRESH, the more explosive your set will be.

Etc, etc, etc.

This is the kind of stuff that Strength Programs are built on and that give you the WTH-effect of kettlebells.

It's getting stronger and training for STRENGTH & POWER and losing fat in the process without specifically training for fat loss.  It's why I created THIS PROGRAM.

So don't ever think that to lose the pounds you need to kill yourself by doing stupid, formless, low quality reps with improper technique.

Good programs take into account the individuality of the people performing them.

And good programs focus on improving performance with fat loss taking care of itself as a by-product of good strength training programming.

HERE is where you can get one of those programs.

Have an awesome day,


P.S. This is why I called The Kettlebell Evolution an “Advanced” Fat Loss System.  Because it doesn't focus on fat loss…it focuses on Strength & Performance.  Fat Loss just kinda “happens”.  Again, it's the WTH-effect of kettlebell training and you can get it HERE

=>Chris Lopez, SFGII's Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss Program

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