Heatwave Causes Kettlebell EXPLOSION!

There's a massive heatwave going on in Toronto right now with the temperature getting up to 40-degrees Celcius and the humidity making it feel like 47-degrees.  (That's 104 and 116 Fahrenheit for my American friends).

Yesterday, the weather service advised that everyone stay indoors and make sure that nobody participate in any strenuous physical activity.

It was not a good time to be wearing a lot of clothes and I felt really sorry for those who had to endure that heat in your regular "office attire" wearing business suits and dress shoes.  That could not have been comfortable at all.

I spent the bulk of yesterday getting the our minivan serviced (it was an 8 hour ordeal), but fortunately I was able to get some work done – thank goodness for laptops and portable computers – and was able to get to the gym.

Because of the beautiful weather outside, I've stuck to my usual summer program of training with kettlebells and bodyweight.

I've been doing a 4-day split where I have 2-days that are purely strength focused and 2 days that are circuit and conditioning focused.

This split has probably been one of the best workouts that I have designed for myself lately because it's allowed me to FOCUS on specific aspects of my training on specific days.

Unlike some common fitness programs where strength and conditioning work are grouped together in one day, I've found that having separate days for each really allows me to get into the right mindset when it comes to what I want to accomplish for that session.

I showed some of my colleagues the workouts that I was doing and the common opinion was…

"This workout is too good for you to keep to yourself.  YOU'VE GOT TO SHARE IT!!!!"

And so I have, with the new Kettlebell "Superhero" Explosion.

kettlebell workoutsI am only making this workout available TODAY and you can get FR*EE as a bonus by checking out The SUPERHERO Workout by my buddy John Romaniello.

Roman is on his last day of giving away his SUPERHERO WORKOUT for $47 (which is over 50% the cover price of $87).


The process is simple….

Pick-Up Roman's Superhero Workout TODAY (it's only on sale until 11:59pm, Friday, July 22nd, 2011), then drop me an email with your Clickbank receipt number at kettlebellworkouts(at)gmail(dot)com and I will immediate send you a copy of my KB Explosion Workout.


Enjoy the Heat!

-Chris Lopez, RKC


  • Reply July 23, 2011

    Glyn South Africa

    hey Chris

    I picked up romaniello’s SHW program yesterday.. it was touch and go as to whether I was gonna get it or not.. CB’s bonuses tempted me a little further but it wasn’t until your bonus was added that I was sold.. so I picked it up. I forwarded you the receipt yesterday, but haven’t received any response with regards to your KB program? is your mini van giving you hassles again and you haven’t had time to check your mail? hope not.

    thanks a lot and much respect from sunny SA

  • Reply July 23, 2011

    Glyn South Africa

    uuuh, I just typed a whole comment, did it get lost, coz I don’t see it here? anyhow, I basically said that I picked up SHW yesterday only because of the bonus you and CB threw in (otherwise I wasn’t gonna get it). I emailed you my receipt, yet haven’t received your KB explosion program yet?


  • Reply July 24, 2011

    Chris Lopez, RKC

    Hi Glyn

    Thanks for the 2 comments. I am sending you the program as I’m writing this. please let me know if you receive it.


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