Survey Says…. Just Exactly Who Are You?

With the holidays and the end of this year approaching fast, I wanted to make sure that I had some direction on where I wanted to go when providing you with cutting edge information on Strength and Kettlebell Training.

So a couple of weeks ago, I asked you to complete a survey.

I'd like to thank all of those that participated.  I really do appreciate it and am honoured that you've let me into your lives.

So here's what the survey showed…

So who, exactly, is the crew?

Well, you're mostly men… 68%.  This makes sense to me since when I write my messages to you I get into the mindset of writing to myself.  I think that's pretty cool because when I set out on this online journey, I started with – and continue to write on –  So just knowing that I'm able to connect with other men who, presumably, are in the same situation that I'm in is great.

***A Note to all the LADIES: Don't think that I'm going to neglect you though – if there's one thing that being married and having 4 daughters has taught me, it's that neglecting your women will make a man's life miserable.  In fact I've got an exciting interview series coming up with some truly inspirational women.

You're between 35-54 years old.  Again, not much of a surprise here.  I think that those of us that have reached a certain age – where we've seen and done everything in the fitness industry – are really tired of the BS out there and have come to an understanding of what works and what doesn't.  We're not swayed by infomercials. We don't buy in to the marketing hype.  And we don't have time to play guessing games anymore.  We know what works and we're sticking to it.  I love it.

 Most of you have not been training with kettlebells for very long…anywhere from 0-3 years.  I'm guessing that a lot of you, like I stated above, feel like you've been duped by the fitness industry and are finally finding something that actually works and does what it promises.

 An overwhelming number of you – 69% – train at home.  Again, just like me.  Quit the gym!


As far as your goals are concerned, the absolute #1 goal that everyone wanted to achieve was to “Learn how to use kettlebells properly to avoid injury”…

 Great Stuff!  So much so that I've started to work on an “Essentials” instructional program on the foundational kettlebell drills & exercises so that you can make sure that your form is dialed in.  That will be out in mid-January.

Other goals of importance that stood out were…

  1. Losing Fat – 383 people found this “Very Important”
  2. Getting Stronger – 361 “Very Importants”
  3. Have great Cardio & Endurance
  4. Gain Muscle
What programs do you want to see from me in the upcoming year?
You'd be happy to know that I've been working on an Advanced Fat Loss (49.5%) and Abdominal Program (47.6%) that uses only a Single Kettlebell (70.2%) and will provide you with full follow-along workout videos (46.1%).  It will be Off-The-Hook!  Stay tuned in late-January (around my birthday) for the launch!
After those questions, there were some specific questions that I asked – what your current goals are; what I could do for you if I had a magic wand; what your ONE BIG OBSTACLE was.  I'm touched at the honest responses I received.  Some – if not most – were very private and so I won't share the answers.
Here are some of my favourite comments…
Now, I'd just like to offer up a big THANK YOU to those of you that responded and took the time out of your busy day to provide me with some feedback and ideas.
You've inspired me in ways that you cannot imagine and I'm truly grateful.
If there is anything at all that I can do to help you with your goals, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll do whatever I can.


  • Reply December 11, 2012

    Eric Conover

    Hi Chris,
    I purchased your KB program earlier this year and think it is pretty awesome. I have used all or most aspects of it training clients but have an issue I would like to have some help with. I am getting more and more diabetics as clients and have read many articles as well as continuing education classes but there is no hard and fast rule except maybe keeping the workouts to less than 40 minutes and not stress the body too much. Have you trained any diabetics and if so what do you find works the best? They are all trying to lose fat, build a little muscle.
    Thank you. EC

  • Reply December 11, 2012

    Artem Samiahulin

    Hi Chris,
    How many people in total participated in the survey?

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