Swing “Hack” To Burn More Fat

BebSwingHomeMy wife just told me that she wants to do StrongFirst Level 1 in Toronto (the same one that I’m assisting at).

Crazy. What beast have I created?

We’ve tweaked her program a little and I’m really focusing on helping her dial in her form now…and since she lives with a pretty good instructor (that’d be me, folks), she’s intent on listening.

This morning she was going through a swing session and we made one really IMPORTANT change to her swing (and her mentality to when she approaches her swing training).

You see, she was chasing reps. It was obvious because she was huffing & puffing, her shoulder was disconnected with the rest of her body and her kettlebell – which provides incredible feed back – was wobbly on the finish.

After further investigation, it was because she was following what seemed like a logical progression, but she wasn’t at that level yet.


Here’s what I mean…

Her program required her to do 10 x 1-arm swings per side at the top of every minute.

So everytime the clock hit :00, she would start her set. Then when she was done, she would rest for the remainder of the minute.

Her protocol was to do that for 10 minutes.

But, like I said, she was chasing reps.

So I had her cut down to 8 swings per side and had her use an inverted “V” grip and her shoulder started to look more packed and her swing got stronger.

But still, it wasn’t right.

So we dropped it down to 6 per side and I asked her to focus on breathing “behind the shield” on her finish giving a powerful “tsssshup” as the kettlebell and her arm reached parallel to the ground.

On the finish, she focused on rooting by locking her knees out, squeezing her butt, bracing her abs and dropping her shoulders down and back.

And then I asked her to fire her lat and throw the kettlebell through her knees on the back swing.

Guess what happened?

A more powerful and fluid swing with VISIBLE moments of tension & relaxation – just like a wave.

What she also noticed was that even though I cut her volume by 40% (remember she went from 10 per side to 6 per side), she felt like her cardiovascular system was more challenged than when she was doing 10.

Read that again please…

We cut her training volume by 40%, but the INTENSITY increased.

We got her better results by DOING LESS reps.

Why? Because we focused more on being connected with the kettlebell.

And even though she felt more cardiovascularly challenged, she was doing less and therefore had MORE TIME to rest between sets.

This resulted in high intensity sets EVERY TIME she performed the swings.

So now, she can build her cardiovascular system with more intense swings. She’s at 6 now, but in a few weeks she’ll be back at 10 but with a more intense, powerful swing.

So let’s sum up the lessons here…

1. Don’t chase reps. If you focus on your form, you can get that intensity you want AND become more powerful and stronger in the process.

2. Treat the kettlebell like an extension of your body. It’s not external resistance like a dumbbell.

3. Be patient. Progress logically, but don’t be afraid to take a step back to dial things in properly. Remember, PRACTICE, don’t “workout”

Have an awesome day,


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