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In today’s world we spend the majority of our days doing things in front of us with terrible posture...

  • We walk with our heads down while texting on our smartphones.
  • We crouch over keyboards while our chests cave in and our hips shorten from sitting.
  • We drive with our arms in front of us while, again, we’re seated with shortened hip flexors.
  • We sit in “artificial wombs” (a.k.a. cubicles) for hours at a time not moving and making the front of our body even tighter.
  • And then we go home and slouch on the couch further tightening the front of our bodies

This overuse of the muscles on the front side of our bodies is called “anterior dominance” and it is plaguing our society.

Anterior dominance results in imbalances in our muscles causing us to move and perform less optimally.

It compresses our lungs so that instead of taking deep long breaths into our belly like we were born to do, we take short, stressful breaths into our shrunken chests.

It tightens our hips and causes our pelvis to spill forward resulting in poor movement patterns and eventual back pain.

And because of our terrible posture – because our anterior muscles are shortened and tight pulling us forward – we give the illusion of being weak and unconfident as opposed to standing erect with our heads held high.

It’s no wonder that we’re generally unhealthy compared to previous generations that didn’t live a convenience lifestyle in this information age.

There is hope, however.

And there is one exercise that - if you incorporate it into your daily routine - can easily combat the ill effects of anterior dominance and the Western Lifestyle...

3 Reasons Why The Kettlebell Swing Is THE Perfect Exercise AND The Antidote To Poor Posture From Living A Western Lifestyle...

1) The Kettlebell Swing Targets Your Glutes, Hamstrings and Entire Posterior Chain

Remember that Western Society is "anterior dominant"?  Every muscle on the frontside of our bodies gets worked everyday causing us to get tighter hips, have horrible posture and ugly paunch bellies.

The Kettlebell Swing combats anterior dominance by working all the muscles on the back of your body - hamstrings, glutes, postural back muscles AND all of your core muscles.

No other exercise will bring you "back to balance" faster.

2) No Other Exercise Will Give You Strength, Explosive Power, Endless Conditioning and Extreme Fat Loss And Have You Looking Like An Athlete Like The Kettlebell Swing

Imagine an exercise that will make you run faster, jump higher, build your endurance and melt fat off you like a scoop of ice cream on a summer day.

Because of the way a kettlebell is shaped, how it's load is distributed and the unique way the kettlebell swing can be programmed, you'll not only perform like an athlete being able to do things that you could only do in your 20s, but you'll develop the lean athletic physique of an athlete as well.

3) You can ADD Kettlebell Swings to ANY Program AND you can do them EVERYDAY and not overtrain

Kettlebell Swings are that type of exercise that, when properly programmed and evenly distributed, you can do EVERYDAY after your regular workout.

In fact, studies have shown that Kettlebell Swings help increase recovery time and make major exercises like the deadlift stronger and more powerful.

Once labelled “hard core” kettlebells are now popping up in every gym, garage and backyard because of their portability and reputation for getting results fast.

They are the perfect portable, one-stop, biggest-bang-for-your-buck, piece of exercise equipment you’ll ever own.

And if boredom wasn’t an issue, the kettlebell swing is the ONLY exercise you would ever need to do in your entire life.

The problem is that most people do the kettlebell swing DEAD WRONG!!!

Go into any gym and you’ll see inexperienced exercisers turning a swing into a front squat and shoulder raise exercise further tightening our hips, quads, chest and shoulders and just adding to the anterior dominance issue that I told you about above.

Simply put, doing the kettlebell swing incorrectly is just adding fuel to the already posturally imbalanced fire.

A perfect kettlebell swing will work your posterior chain muscles (back, abs, butt, hamstrings) and combat all the ill-effects of our anterior dominant Western Society.

It is, in fact, a hinge and NOT a squat movement.

A hip hinge – like a deadlift movement – forces you to use those posterior chain muscles to move the kettlebell.

It will allow you to loosen your tight hips and strengthen your butt so that you’ll develop the rear end of an athlete.

It will bulletproof your low back by creating an armoured brace around your midsection and will get rid of that paunchy gut.

And the kettlebell swing will force you to use all the muscles in your upper back thus opening up your chest and forcing you out of the slouchy shoulder, unconfident look.

Yes my friend, the kettlebell swing is that good of an exercise so much so that...

If you're not doing the Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing, You're Destined To Stay Tight, Weak and Overweight. The Swing Is Really That POWERFUL!

Chris Lopez Chris Lopez
Strength Coach & Kettlebell Expert

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